Kay Warner

My name is Kay Warner and I’m a wedding and event photographer.  For over 12 years, I’ve had my feet planted in the  Midwest region and known most for my lifestyle, real, and emotive captures. Along this journey I enjoy participating in these social events while observing interactions and meeting and learning about others.
 In between the weekends I offer my time to everything from marketing and corporate headshots  - to pets, equine sports, concerts, and creative lifestyle sessions. My favorite personal projects involve street photography as well.
I am self taught in this industry, with an engineering influence from my dad who insisted I learn the mechanics of the camera before ever taking a photo. My range of genre requires that I have well rounded, capable gear, and keeping up with that tech is a hobby I enjoy in itself. Trying new tech and gear in the pursuit of capturing and presenting life moments is exciting and fulfilling for me.
When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I spend most of my time pursuing life experiences with my kids, and enjoy exploring the paths less traveled.   Any leftover free time you’ll find me with horses, at the beach, donating time to animal advocacy, supporting local original music, or - working on a community side project.
My name is Kay, and I've been documenting other people's lives professionally for over 12 years. I love a challenge, so most times you'll find me in the middle of a wedding or event if I'm not chasing around someone's pet or coordinating some other form of chaos.  I'm self taught, but I owe my practical knowledge to studying with my dad who was an engineer (Air Force and Ford Motor) first, and hobbyist photographer second. He taught me everything I know about photography from a technical standpoint, and I adapted it to other genre applications.