Camille Michel

Photojournalism | Last Updated: February 3, 2021

I am a French photographer who studied arts at Paris 8 University and photography at the Arles National school of Photography. I think of my photography as poetic documentaries.

My work is about the relationships between humans and the environment, and their respective impacts, for societies in close proximity to nature. The influence of nature, sometimes hostile, on the way of life of men and the human damage on the environment.

What is the relationship between man and nature in the 21st century? What survives today of the traditional culture? What is the impact of industrialization? I use photography to document the daily life of populations and communities in times of great upheaval.

I am represented by the Hans Lucas Studio since 2015. I am member of the photographic observatory of the poles.

I have worked in Greenland for 5 years.

Canon 5D Mark III

It’s my favorite camera. It is very resistant to cold weather and harsh environments.

Canon 24-105mm f/4 L II USM

It’s the lens that I use the most. The zoom makes it easy to adapt to any situation. Most of my photographs are taken on the spot and not posed, the zoom is then useful.

This lens is also quite light which is important because I move a lot in my projects (boat, sled dogs, walking …). I need to keep my bag from getting too heavy.

Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM

I use this lens for interior photography or night photography.

Seal gloves

I still have my sealskin gloves in my bag to protect me from the cold. During my last project it was -30! I also have several batteries for my camera. Moreover, I always have two waterproof plastic bags.

In my work I do a lot of photography outdoors. In the Arctic, plastic bags can protect the camera, batteries … especially during a snowstorm that can happen suddenly.

Also, I put my camera in these plastic bags when I go from a cold, outside environment to the inside of a house. The plastic bag helps protect the camera from condensation. | @camille_michel_

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