Couple Posts Request for Photographer to Shoot their Wedding Night – Can You Help?

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We’ve seen some truly weird and wonderful photography work shared through and its community over the years, however the request we’re about to share with you is extremely unique. A couple has asked to help them look for a ‘Wedding Night Photographer’. Yes, you read that right. The daring twosome are willing to pay $3,000 for someone to capture the most intimate moments of their wedding celebration on camera.

Obviously, this isn’t a service we can facilitate – however we’re hoping that some of our photographers will be able to help the couple out. They’ve asked to remain anonymous, however they have agreed to let us make the query public in order to help find the right person for the job.

If you think this sounds up your street – here’s the request in full:


Do you think you can help the couple out? If you answered yes then apply here:

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We will be passing all suitable applications on to the couple to review, who will be in touch directly.

Here’s what Martin Stevens, Shotkit, had to say about it:

“We have had weird and wonderful requests for all sorts of photography, some of which isn’t achievable. This is a request which might cause some people’s toes to curl and we understand that. However, it’s completely up to individuals what moments they deem important and memorable, and not for us to judge.

“Nonetheless, we are struggling to find a willing photographer who is brave and comfortable enough to bring this couple's unique dream to life. The photographs are meant to be tasteful, meaningful and portray true love, not seedy or tacky as some might think, so if you think you can fulfill the job specification, please apply!”

*By filling out the application you are agreeing to Shotkit sharing your details with the couple and getting in touch with you about any other services or products of theirs they think you might like.