Fujifilm Lens Guides

Fujifilm makes some of the best mirrorless APS-C cameras here in 2023. Whether you’re shooting with an older X-T20 or have moved on to X-Pro 3 or X-T4, there will come a time when you’re ready for some new Fuji lenses.

Fujifilm’s line-up of 30+ X-series lenses may not seem like much, but each packs a punch both in quality and value.

Not sure which to choose? Take a look at our extensive gear guides. We cover the best Fujifilm lenses available, from super-wide to telephoto.

Fujinon prime lenses are particularly worth a look, with superb sharpness and performance, but the zooms are no slouches either.

Want a Fujifilm lens reviewed that’s not here? Let us know and check back soon. We’re always adding new reviews and gear guides.