Mindshift Bag Reviews

Do you need a camera bag for your next outdoor adventure? MindShift Gear develops a broad range of bags ideal for photographers that want to experience and capture the great outdoors. Adventure photographers from around the world trust Mindshift bags to support their pursuits. Mindshift bags are all about comfort and practicality, with design choices that maximise the functionality of the product.

Founded by the creators of Think Tank Photo and conservation photographer Daniel Beltrá, Mindshift Gear is ideally suited to enthusiast and professional nature, landscape and adventure photographers. The bags are comfortable to wear and developed to maximise posture and support throughout long expeditions. Sensible material and hardware choices further enhance the bags’ ability to endure extreme weather conditions. The MindShift Gear range offers bags to suit anything from a small mirrorless kit to a set of long telephoto lenses. Flexible storage solutions accommodate both camera gear and ample adventure travel supplies. MindShift Gear camera bags are purpose-built to maximise comfort while making camera gear secure and easy to access whilst on the go.