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Are you a Wedding Photographer who worries about getting enough enquiries from brides? 😢

Does it confuse you when you send brides your pricing… then they vanish, never to be heard from again?! 👻

Are you angry when new wedding photographers seem to pop up every week…

and undercut your pricing?! 😡

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Stockhold Wedding Photographers / Founders of Way Up North

"More Brides is the marketing bible for wedding photographers."

Shooting, editing, Instagramming, Facebooking, blogging… simply don’t have time to test the best way to attract more brides. 😭

So you keep doing the same old thing.

Blog post here. Blog post there. Facebook ad here. Bridal website ad there...

...then sit and wait with your fingers crossed! 🤞

There are just SO many other wedding photographers…

How can you compete?! 🥊

How can you find more brides?! 🔍

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Sansom Photography

Leeds Wedding Photographers

"We recommend More Brides to each and every business we mentor."

But what if brides came to you? ✨

What if you got so many enquiries that you didn’t need to lower your pricing to compete? 🙃

(You could actually increase your pricing... and still get booked!) 🤑

Can you imagine how much more fun it’d be to only shoot the weddings you want to shoot?! 📸

Imagine if you could use destination weddings to travel the world?! 🏝

Sansom Photography testimonial

Karina Palamarchuk

Smart Albums/Smart Slides

"More Brides is an essential guide to making more money for your business. "

You need to feel like you’re in control of your business.

(Rather than always struggling to find new brides...)

It IS possible to be creative and successful with your business. 💡

You just need to do things smarter than everyone else! 😉


Jessica Hill

Portland Wedding Photographer

"Useful for the beginner or seasoned pro, it's got something for everyone. So much good info in here!"


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Become Google's best friend. 💘

Leave your competitors in your dust. 💨

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More Brides has helped thousands of wedding photographers live the life they want.

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Limited Time Pricing: $48

(100% Tax Deductible Product)


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