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We all want our photography to look natural…

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to pose our couples.

They’d interact naturally without our direction. 😌

We could just concentrate on capturing the scene as it unfurls…

How often does this really happen with your clients?!

How often do couples embrace in visually attractive poses… without you having to say a word?! 😕

When I first started out with wedding photography, I knew I didn’t want to pose my clients.

I was convinced that all the photographers I admired didn’t need to pose…

I wanted my photos to look like theirs. Effortless and natural... UNPOSED.

Slowly I realised that all great wedding photographers pose their clients.

(Even those that say they don’t... do!) 🤫

Whether it’s just passive guidance, or hands-on control, posing clients is a way to augment your portraits.

If you’ve found the perfect light and the perfect location, directing your couples into a natural looking, visually pleasing pose is the icing on the cake. 🧁

It’s what sets good wedding photographers apart from GREAT ones.

Your role as a photographer of people is to give guidance on how to look great in a photo.

Directing couples into a pose is the catalyst from which a moment can occur…

…then your role is to capture it as creatively as possible.

Here's what will help you:

Introducing: Together Cards

Posing Made Simple

Together Cards are 76 illustrations of stylish poses you can use as guidance when directing.

Think of them as starting points to creating better photos of your couples.

You can print the cards to keep in your pocket, add them to your smartphone for quick reference, or do what I do... 

Before your next shoot, load up your favourite Together Card poses and take a photo of them with the camera you intend to use that day.

Referencing Together Cards on your camera is convenient and simple.

Then, during the shoot, you're able to quickly reference the poses on the back of your camera (in Playback mode, using the right arrow to quickly scroll to the first photo taken).

Your clients will think you're just checking camera settings or reviewing an image...

(In reality, you'll have sufficient time to check your chosen pose, and direct your couples while referencing it.) 😉

No awkward 'struggling to find something that works' moments.

Just confident, natural direction. 👍🏼

I'm confident that the Together Cards will help you direct your couples with newfound confidence, no matter your current abilities as a photographer.

Remember - after directing your couple, you still need to get them comfortable enough to elicit a natural reaction.

Talk them through the pose, make them laugh, tell them they look great... then wait for the perfect moment to click the shutter button - easy! 😎

To celebrate the launch of Together Cards, I'm offering a one-time 50% discount, that's only available for the next few days. 

If you're a professional photographer, remember you can even claim the Together Cards as a business expense. 👍🏼

Together Cards

Normal Price $59 Today Only $29!

100% Tax Deductible Product for Professional Photographers