I have always admired the bags designed and produced by WANDRD.  Since their first bag, they have always focused their brand on bespoke bags that appealed to travellers, creatives and photographers, claiming they have come from those very same roots.

The thoughtfulness and design qualities that are evident in WANDRD bags and accessories is a testament to that claim… and the WANDRD VEER, a new packable backpack, is no exception.

When I found myself with one of the first bags off the line, I was keen to get to know and understand this unique camera backpack and its neat tricks for myself. Initially surprised by its tiny packed size, I was also doubtful of what could possibly be contained within.

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My doubts were soon dissolved as this bag changed my mind on what to expect from a packable backpack. In fact, I believe that this bag has set a whole new standard for high quality, versatile and rugged packable bags, let alone day packs.

The VEER is packed with a clever array of features that are quite surprising, a ruggedness beyond most packable bags and flexible packing solutions. This is a bag that really stands up to meeting the needs of its core audience… so let’s dive in to my WANDRD VEER review.

WANDRD VEER Packable Camera Backpack Specs

WANDRD VEER Packable Backpack

  • Dimensions: 45.7cm H x 27.9cm W x 22.8cm D (18″H x 11″W x 9″D)
  • Volume: 18L
  • Weight: 363g (12.8oz)
  • Weather Resistant N100D Robic Dynatec and N210D Robic HD Oxford
  • Weather Resistant Zippers
  • Expandable water bottle pocket
  • Quick side access
  • Key clip
  • Packed dimensions: 15.2cm H x 22.8cm W x 5cmD (6″H x 9″W x 2″D)
  • Inflatable back support insert

Inflatable Camera Cube (Sold Separately here)

  • Dimensions: 19.7cm H x 25.4cm W x 12.7cm H (7.75″H x 10″W x 5″D)
  • Weight: 122g (4.3oz)
  • 150D Polyester with TPU coating
  • Packed dimensions: 15.2cm H x 7.6cm W x 7.6cm H (6″H x 3″W x 3″D)
  • Fully inflatable

Build & Appearance

The WANDRD VEER sits comfortably high on the shoulders

When I first received my WANDRD VEER packable bag, I was amazed to find such a small package. I had known that I was receiving a packable bag that unpacked into an 18L backpack, but when packed, it’s truly a small package that would fit into your travel luggage.

In this way, it is ready to be used as a day pack with an optional inflatable camera cube to carry a smaller kit.

A lot of generic day packs on the market seem flimsy and feel like a one use product. The VEER has a highly durable feel to it for such a lightweight bag. Granted the VEER is not a rugged camera backpack but it is not meant to be.

The material feels thick and durable and would not easily tear. The pack that holds the bag (see image below) actually becomes the top pocket of the actual backpack, revealing itself with a simple inside-out turn.

This neat package converts into the backpack and also holds the inflatable back support and camera cube

The WANDRD VEER is a pack that you throw your day kit in with your favourite camera and a lens or two, a jacket, banana, headphones and water bottle. Then off you go.

It boasts weather-resistant materials and YKK Zippers that will keep your dailies dry in all but the worst of conditions. The addition of the camera cube provides an extra element of weather protection for your gear.

The VEER comes in three colours – black, rust and cobalt. All are attractive colours that speak of a discreet everyday bag – not a high-end camera bag.

The 18L size of the VEER is perfect as an everyday-er, and allows for the design and form to be relatively minimal without too many distracting features. It sits well on the shoulders and back, and its size means you will never overload it to the point of discomfort.

Overall, the VEER is an excellent-looking backpack that does not scream camera bag! And that is an essential feature when traveling with your expensive gear.

As for the camera cube, this too came in a tiny little package with a draw-string bag of its own. The cube is fully inflatable with a sturdy inlet and outlet valve that requires you to twist it tight to seal it once inflated. It has a rippled effect to provide further protection to your camera gear.

Wandrd veer review

For such a lightweight packable backpack, there’s a lot going on with the VEER.

Once unpacked, the bag quickly takes its form as a backpack. Looking at the front of the bag, there is a zip pocket with part of the zippered opening protected by a flap of material. This is more of a flat lay pocket for items such as a mobile phone or notebook.

On either side of this pocket are looped gear straps. These run almost the full height of the bag. If your backpack was full, then you could use a variety of straps or clips to attach additional gear. This could support a jacket or even a travel size tripod.

On one side of the bag is a substantial expandable water bottle holder. This has an expandable pocket as well as an elastic and lockable -draw-string loop to ensure that your bottle doesn’t topple out whenever you bend over or unsling the bag.

Wandrd Veer inflatable cube

The inflatable camera cube is roomy and adds a great layer of gear protection.

On the opposite side of the VEER backpack is a full-length weather-resistant zipper with a lockable access buckle for security. This allows for full access to the main compartment of the bag. This is also access to the space where the inflatable camera cube can be inserted.

At the top rear of the bag are two zippers. The top one is the access to the space vacated by the packed bag. This is a perfect place to put some of your delicate items such as sunglasses or headphones. The second zipper gains another access point to the main storage compartment.

There is a thin grab handle at the top rear of the backpack for when you want to grab and go. Personally, this feels a little thin and couple have afforded a little more material for a comfortable grip.

The entire back of the VEER and the shoulder straps are made from a mesh material to allow for breathability. Despite being a mesh fabric, it does not feel flimsy in any way. It is well seamed and secure.

The shoulder straps are not padded in any way – again, this is a day pack and not a full kit travel bag. The straps are fully adjustable and include a detachable and adjustable chest strap for optimal comfort. Finally, the shoulder straps have elastic gear loops

The chest compression straps on the VEER are durable and removable.

For a packable backpack, the WANDRD VEER has some exciting features. As a standalone day pack, without the inflatable camera cube, it has a large cavernous main compartment. This compartment has full side access as well as top access.

This allows for bulky gear like a jacket to fill the lower half and for smaller items to be placed on top. These items can be accessed via either zippered entrance.

The pocket that sits on the very top of the backpack has a key clip as well as a functional capacity for items such as larger headphones, notebook and glasses.

One of the stand out features of the WANDRD VEER is the included inflatable back support. This ingenious idea elevates the VEER from a standard packable bag to something you could conceivably use every day with relative comfort.

The inflatable back support starts off completely flat and can be inflated via the inlet/outlet valve.

It only takes a second to inflate, and then you can slide the whole support into the bag from the tab zip to the main compartment. There is a hidden access slip that the inflatable back support slides neatly into.

The inflatable back support provides greater comfort when carrying the backpack

Parallel to the thin pocket that holds the inflatable back support is a mesh pocket that I find holds a 13″ laptop comfortably.

The final internal feature of the WANDRD VEER is the addition of the inflatable camera cube.

Once inflated, the cube sits into the bottom half of the main compartment, ready to hold your camera with small-medium sized lens attached. It is shaped to fit and form to the same shape of the bottom of the bag. There’s also an inflatable lens cube sold separately.

The inflatable camera cube is contoured to the shape of the bottom of the backpack.

The cube has its own velcro released panel to gain access to your camera, and this can align with the side access panel.

One thing I found frustrating with this is that the inflatable cube can move around a little, so it is not always aligned with the side access zip – a couple of velcro panels attached to the base of the bag could have resolved this.

Storage Capacity

The WANDRD VEER has ample space for your every day carry essentials plus more.

The WANDRD VEER is an 18L packable bag. As a day pack without the camera cube, this could easily hold an overnight change of clothes and dopp kit. Additional pockets could be used for the usual sundries such as headphones, glasses and the like.

As a solitary camera bag, the inflatable camera cube would carry a smaller DSLR with a mid-size lens. Alternatively a mirrorless body with large zoom or two smaller lenses.

I comfortably fit my Fujifilm X-T3 with the Fujifilm XF 23mm F/2 lens attached and the Fujifilm XF 50mm F/2 in the cube.

Wandrd Veer inflatable cube

The inflatable camera cube is roomy and adds a great layer of gear protection.

Here is what I can fit in the backpack with the camera cube inflated and installed. Keep in mind that whilst it s possible to carry a 13″ MacBook pro, this increases the weight considerably, and is probably not recommended for a pack of this size, especially given that the shoulder straps are not padded… but it still fits.

  • Fujifilm X-T3 inside the cube
  • Fujifilm XF 23mm F/2 in the cube
  • Fujifilm XF 50mm F/2 in the cube
  • Large hoodie (Not Pictured)
  • Medium-sized Moleskine notebook
  • Sennheiser headphones
  • Keys, iPhone, Wallet
  • Small case with spare batteries and SD cards
  • 1-litre water bottle
  • 1 banana

Ease of Use/Comfort

For size comparison, the WANDRD VEER on a 6ft tall man.

When empty, the WANDRD VEER is incredibly lightweight and airy. At only 363g, it adds nothing in weight or size to your main travel bag. With or without the camera cube, the bag sits comfortably across the shoulders.

The included chest compression strap is excellent for increasing comfort and support. Keeping in mind that this is not a backpack intended to carry tons of gear. The more you load into it, the less comfortable it will become over a period of time.

For its intended purpose, the shoulder straps on the VEER provide adequate comfort and excellent ventilation.

Gaining access to the main compartment requires you to swing the whole pack around on your left shoulder so you can unzip the main compartment with your right hand. This also gives you access to the inflatable camera cube. This is a simple enough operation, especially after a couple of attempts.

With just the right amount of gear, the backpack is very comfortable to use as a day pack, as thoughtful features add to the overall comfort level.

Value for Money

The side zipper provides easy access to the entire main compartment of the backpack.

The WANDRD VEER is not your everyday packable backpack. It is in a class of its own.

The VEER is a fantastic day pack with a range of features and quality of products to match any day pack…it just happens also to be packable.

This packable bag is a quality and well thought out product… however, that kind of performance and quality does come at a higher price.

Depending on your needs, there is a range of options. You can buy the bag alone in any of the three colours for around US$220 (latest price here). This includes the inflatable back support.

You can buy the inflatable camera cube for around $100 (see here) or get the VEER including the inflatable camera as a bundle for around $305 here.

With all the features, build quality, the durability of materials and usability of this bag, I would say that it is definitely worth the asking price. This is not a single-use throwaway item – this is a bag that should last you for many trips to come.

Also, just like with all the WANDRD products, the VEER comes with a lifetime guarantee against product malfunctions.

WANDRD VEER Packable Backpack Review | Conclusion

The WANDRD VEER is a backpack that you throw your day kit in, with your favourite camera and a lens or two. Complete your kit with a jacket, banana, headphones, notebook and water bottle. Then off you go.

This a bag full of surprises, especially with the clever use of inflatable accessories to further enhance what is already a quality product. Those accessories increase usability, comfort and the safety of your precious gear.

This is not a cheap flimsy piece of kit, despite its incredibly lightness and airy feel. The VEER is an investment in your future journeys and makes everything just that little bit more fun.


  • Quality of materials and construction
  • Minimal size when packed
  • Attractive exterior look with a broad range of features
  • Considerable internal storage space and options
  • Inflatable back support to increase comfort
  • Inflatable camera cube


  • Inflatable camera cube shifts around inside the bag
  • The price may be a deterrent to some
shk-fs-table__imageHighly RecommendedThis high quality, versatile and rugged bag comes with a unique inflatable back panel.Get Price

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