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Wedding | Last Updated: June 18, 2021

Hello! I am Adrián Sánchez, a wedding photographer from Madrid, Spain. I have been capturing emotions and feelings through my camera for more than 10 years, but wedding photography is my passion.

I finished my studies of Image Technician and continued training with a Master in Professional Wedding Photography.

I worked for four years in two photography studios in Madrid, doing wedding and event reports, in addition to studio photography.

When I had the right experience and had achieved a personal, creative and documentary style, I founded my own brand as an Author photographer.

Currently, I only do one wedding per day. I personally go to all the wedding reports and I never subcontract any event.

I have won several wedding photography awards both nationally and internationally by some of the world’s best photographic directories such as Fearless Photographers.

My first professional camera was a Nikon f70 35mm film, I trained with it and learned how to take my first photographs.

When I started working professionally and entering the world of digital cameras, I opted to use Canon. The reason for changing the brand was the reduction of grain in high ISO photographs compared to other brands.

I use full-frame format cameras because I think it is currently the best in quality.

I always carry two camera bodies to have a spare kit in case of failure, wedding reports cannot be repeated and a professional always has to secure the job.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III – I love the quality and little grain with high ISO for night photography. I also highlight the speed of its burst shooting, one of the things I use most throughout the report.

It has a remarkable and durable construction in addition to being sealed against dust and water. I use it as the main camera, it has a double slot SD card and a compact flash (see guide).

Canon EOS 6D – Full frame camera and perfect as a secondary for its small dimensions and with image quality similar to the Canon 5D Mark III, although a little slower in burst mode and only has one SD card slot.


Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 – The Sigma Art series is one of the best for both image quality, speed and focus point. The fixed objectives with which I use most in all reports.

I usually shoot with the 35mm in some homes when I need more wide angle and especially at the wedding dance when I need more light.

Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4 – I use it a lot for portraiture, in low light churches, even group photography. Great image quality and very bright.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 – Although it has a slightly less sharp focus than the Art series, it is very fast and for the couple session or even pre-weddings, it is essential.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L – Although it is not as bright as the fixed lenses, it is from the Canon L series and has great quality. I like to take it with my team for being off-road and very versatile to secure work on certain occasions, like in church.

Lights / Triggers

Canon 430EX LL – A mid-range flash but fast and sufficient for the few times I use it together with the camera. Most of the time I use it remotely off-camera for more creative photography.

Yognuo Remote Control Flash Triggers – An inexpensive but flawless accessory for creative or night photography.

Yognuo Led Light – I use it as a support for my fixed goals in low light circumstances such as dance time or outdoor banquets.

Hardware & Software

I use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to select and edit all my photos. Great workflow and very fast when you have to edit many images.

Adobe Photoshop CC for deeper touch-ups only on specific photos.

I always carry in my bag a bottle of cold or frozen water for moments of great heat such as can happen at weddings, it is a relief!

Wedding photography has evolved in recent years with digital cameras and new generations. I feel that you can fully enjoy your wedding without having to be aware of posing and the photographer. This style can allow the photographer to be creative with a documentary feel. This is my style and I think is becoming more popular among other wedding photographers. | @adriansanchezfotografo

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