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Wedding | Last Updated: December 1, 2020

We are Aga & Marcin, partners in business & life. We are located in North East Pennsylvania but shoot weddings in Philadelphia, all over PA & the North East, as well as various US and international locations. We exclusively shoot weddings. Our style is very strongly influenced by our personal work which is fine art as well as documentary. Aga is more fine art and Marcin is more photojournalism. We blend it all together into a perfect combo that works for our couples and our creative fulfillment.

We started shooting weddings in 2005 with Nikon D70s as well as few old film cameras we had for years and used in school, soon after the original Canon 5D came out, we had to have it and never looked back. Complete with Canon prime lenses it was the perfect match for us.

We now each shoot with one Canon 5D MkIII and one Canon 5D MkII with the Canon 35mm f/1.4 always on one of our bodies. Most of our work is done with that lens, about 80% of the time. If we could have only one lens forever the Canon 35mm f/1.4 would be it. The other body for Aga holds a Canon 85mm f/1.2 and for Marcin a Canon 50mm f/1.2.

We do have the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro and Canon 200mm f/2.8 but they hardly leave our bag. We use a Canon 580EXII for on camera flash and an old but trusty Canon 550EX for off camera work. We make good use of an ikan iLED120 On-Camera LED Light (not pictured) and its super cheaper version the NEEWER CN-160 160PCS LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel LED Light (in the photo) while getting ready, portraits or during reception. We are also not afraid to whip out our Fuji x100 for some shots. We use it a lot for our personal work and love the camera; even with its drawbacks, it’s an excellent way to push your creativity and ability. We strongly believe that the more restricted a person is the more creative he/she becomes.

The Hold Fast Money Maker straps have been a huge savior of our backs. Aga tried many straps to help with shoulder pain (hey, the 85mm is a brick!) and this is the first apparatus that is so perfect, plus it looks badass. We use Ape Case roller backpacks and we love the fact it’s two in one. When we’re on the run, we can just pop it on our backs and be on the move.

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