Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

Hello world, I am Alan Thomas. I live in beautiful Norway and work mostly on personal projects within the genres of vintage motor machines, landscapes, street photography, travel and portrait photography. I love spending that time in the field.

As far as talking about my gear, I prefer simplicity. For me it is not about having loads of camera gear; it is more about the stuff on the other side of the lens. The communication between the subject and the photographer. Also, being on the right spot at the right time, hitting that natural light and that superb moment to capture.

So, a little story about my everyday carry:

The Langly Alpha camera Bag
I discovered this brand a while back when they just hit the market. The Alpha is for me a superb product. It is not only there to just hold my camera and gear, it is also a fantastic everyday carry.

I especially like that the brand delivers products that do not look like pure camera bags.

Their products make you blend in and let you carry lots of gear without standing out as a typical camera bag holder.

This for me is important while on the move.

Canon 5D Mark III
The 5D is my primary tool. All beaten up, dragged through the desert, the streets, onto
the mountains, into the arctic and into the wild. The list is long. This fellow has been with
me for a long time and it has met a lot of fantastic people on the other side of their lens.

For me the most important thing about this camera is the quality, the battery capacity,
and the response time.

In addition to the 5D I am trying out several other cameras. Fujifilm and Leica, to mention a few.

iPhone 7 +
My phone is always with me and guess what – it is perfect for photography. I feel that the camera on my phone is actually pretty good.

Taking shots on the go, editing with Lightroom mobile on the go, framing it on the go, and then uploading to Instagram is all instant with my phone. The phone is well protected inside a heavy-duty Lifeproof case so it will never break while out there.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L
The 50mm is my absolute number one. It never fails. I can bring a lot of gear and again
and again I end up using only this lens.

So what is so great about it? Well, it is fairly compact, it is well protected when having the sun caps mounted on. Having the range up to f/1.2 makes this lens ideal for street photography as well as portrait. I am amazed that it delivers so well even in low light. Often, I only bring the camera with the 50mm while roaming the street. It has for sure become my primary lens.

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8
These two are for sure the necessary members of my collection of Canon family lenses. For me this trio is representing all I will ever need to bring around in my photo bag. The 24-70mm is a superb all-around lens that will take you through the day and cover most of your shots.

While the 70mm-200mm is superb for longer distances and even portraits.

Behind the main gear is the smaller things.
I need something to carry my camera with. I have for years tested the Sun-Sniper Camera Strap . I simply love it. Tactical black in colour, makes you grab the camera faster, and sling it back faster. Just like a tactical rifle.

I use Sandisk extreme pro memory cards. I have been using these babies for years and not a single problem has occurred.

The camera needs power. I use original batteries from Canon, and always pack 3-4 in my bag. The batteries have a great lifespan. I can photograph a full day and even have plenty of battery capacity left.

I also always pack my field notes. Writing makes you stay creative. And not to mention the time. The Omega is always on my wrist.

Not included in any picture is my primary after-shooting working tool, the 27” iMac.

Well that summarizes a little about what I pack.

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  1. Tom on August 29, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    The best photographer!

  2. Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie on June 22, 2018 at 7:23 pm


    Thanks for the inclusion.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

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