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Wedding | Last Updated: January 8, 2021

Hi there, dear photogs! I’m Alex Pasarelu and I’m a pro wedding photographer based in Romania (Eastern Europe). I travel a lot for my clients all over Europe and the rest of the world if necessary. As long as I have the chance to create unforgettable memories for my dear clients, I’d go anywhere.

I started the wedding photography business in 2013 with a dear friend of mine because we were sick of dead nature (fashion :P) and feelingless photography in the fashion and corporate fields. I think the inspiration for our business was actually my wedding, when I realized how beautiful it is to meet new and lovely people – couples that are worth my time. Creating memories and images with life is actually what drives me in this industry. I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing.

Actually, I would change something…my gear soon :D

Please don’t get me wrong, I love all my gear below – it helps me to create and be creative. But I feel something is missing, like something is keeping me away of greater things. I got over the “gear obsession” a long time ago, when I finally realized that my gear doesn’t make the art, my gear doesn’t create the memories, I DO, by using these tools in a creative and unique way.

Having all these in my mind I want a fresh start, a whole new beginning, and I really think I will switch to mirrorless soon. I feel that having a less heavy kit, with smaller lens I can be less intrusive while documenting a couple’s story. I can travel easier for my destination work, I can have so much more fun. And why not to say it… mirrorless cameras are much more hipsterly than my 6D’s ?

Currently for my work I use the followings:
2x Canon DSLR 6D Mark I
2x spider belt Spyder holster type brackets
Canon 35mm f/2 IS lens
Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens

A whole Godox flash kit:
2x Godox V860IIc for light stands
2x Godox TT350c on camera flashes
1x Godox X1 transmitter + 1x Godox X1 receiver

I always carry around my family picture, two of my daughter’s toys, a few mints and my business cards.

I also carry around my lens cloth and dust blower, my cards holder and some batteries for my flashes and cameras.

But why I use these and how I do it? Well I love to be creative, that’s why I’m using both of my 6Ds in parallel. I attach them to my Spyder holster on my belt with the combo 35mm+85mm. This is my favorite kit ever, no flash if possible in any situation. Both 6Ds are lighter than 5Ds, no matter which Mark it is, and that’s why I prefer them. I went to the 35mm f/2 IS due to the fact that I never go beyond f/2 and at the time of purchase the only alternative was the 35mm f/1.4L Mark I, but that had way too much CA, and the f/2 IS is much sharper. The 85mm? Well this is another story…I love the f/1.2L, but it’s way too slow and too heavy for my style, so I went to the lighter and much faster f/1.8 version. This way I can by as free as I want during my documentation work.

The 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens I use mostly for creative shots where I really need an ultra-wide angle, and at the party for some long exposure with second curtain flash, also in a creative way.

The 70-200mm was my big baby boy. I love this lens for its performance, but for my current style it’s a massive lens that totally unbalances me during my work. I currently use it on the wedding day photoshoot session or at the after-wedding session for some really nice DOF portraits. As much as I would love to use it more, it stays in my bag the rest of the event, unfortunately ☹

OK, but what about my flash kit? Well I owned a whole freaking Canon RX flash kit, that I always cursed in multiple situations. The RX mode isn’t that flexible and reliable, especially when the flashes use R6 batteries. These can by such a pain in the neck sometime, and cause slow recycle time when I need it most, and I don’t even shoot burst.

Selling it allowed me to switch to Godox, these Chinese toys are the best! At the wedding party I use the big boys (v860II) on 4-meter light stands in slave mode and trigger them with the small and trusty tt350, that btw are awesome in Master. So simple and fast! I use these two small ones on my cameras in case I need some fill light in those black spots of the event venue.

Sometimes when I want to do more creative stuff, I use flash outdoors. Using the X1 system I trigger one v860II flash in plain daylight, using a small round dish diffuser, it’s just like a beauty dish. This way I can create stunning portraits outside and make my work unique ?

I hope you enjoy my work as much as my gear!


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