Jaki Portolese

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Hi, I'm Jaki! I'm a photographer, content creator, and web designer based in Seattle, WA, USA. My creative career began with a self-named wedding photography brand called Jacquelyn Portolese Photography just after high school in 2008, and it continued I became more and more passionate about turning people's milestones into masterpieces grew over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed the business side of photography and found that one's journey with growing their own brand is somewhat of a love story to be captured as well. So for the last several years, I've been working with people to grow their own businesses through commercial photography, videography and web design.

My dad was a certified computer geek and Internet pioneer who raised me on computers from the age of four. The technical skills he raised me with lead to working in higher education for most of my adult life as an instructional-based software tech, so I'm no stranger to technical writing and producing program walkthroughs for fellow colleagues. This "art" of software exploration is something I carry with me in the world of photography, and I'm always looking out for the next business-growing tools out there. Now with AI on the rise, this space is more incredible than ever to explore!

After 14 years of running my two brands along side my full time office job, I walked away to pursue my dream of becoming a full time creative and backcountry skier. My mission as a creative agent and working with Shotkit has been to help other creatives grow their business so they may also chase their dreams of doing what they love full time. Life has been simply amazing ever since, and I believe everyone who wants to should have the opportunity to experience the pride of success and the freedom of being their own boss.

Community is an incredibly powerful resource in the photography world, and I wouldn't be half the creative I am today if it weren't for the helpful people in every YouTube video I watched, thread I started on Reddit, or question I asked in Facebook Groups. Producing YouTube reviews with Shotkit has been a way of giving back.


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