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Hanging out in a colorful alleyway in downtown Chicago.


Hello! I'm Steve Vansak, a wedding and portrait photographer located in the Chicago area of the USA. I photographed my first wedding in 2008 and became a full time professional in 2012. Weddings are physically and mentally draining, but they never get boring for me as I thrive on capturing art amid the sometimes chaos.

Although photography is about much more than gear, nonetheless I love my gadgets and became a Shotkit newsletter subscriber long before I began writing for the website.

I have an office in my home where I meet clients, edit photos and market my business. However, you will often find me at the local coffee shop NOT drinking coffee and simply soaking up the vibe.

My outlet for fun is taking a train into downtown Chicago and wandering the various neighborhoods, often with a camera in hand. My latest obsession is my Super 73 e-bike that looks like a vintage motorcycle and is almost as fast as one.

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