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JOBY Wavo Plus Review (On-Camera Vlogging Mic)

For an affordable price, the JOBY Wavo Plus packs some nifty pro-level features. Find out how it stacks up in real world conditions.

The key to great video is great audio, but can the modestly priced JOBY Wavo Plus shotgun mic get us there?

As a professional photographer who does some video production, I was anxious to find out.

I was only familiar with JOBY as a maker of flexible tripods like the JOBY PodZilla, which are marketed to aspiring creators.

JOBY Wavo Plus
JOBY Wavo Plus

Easy to use and with some nifty pro-level features, this mic quickly takes your audio to the next level.

This product seemed like a step-up mic from a smartphone for sure, but I was unsure of the sound quality it would produce.

With features such as live audio monitoring, a low-cut filter switch, and an LED traffic light system, it certainly appears as a serious contender for an on-camera microphone.

Let’s see how it performs.

JOBY Wavo Plus Specs

  • Very good sound quality
  • Pro features such as safe track switch, audio monitoring, and clipping indicator light
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Includes an auto power mode
  • USB Type C Port
  • Includes Type C USB cable, TRRS smartphone cable, TRS cable
  • No included dead cat wind noise muff
  • No lightning adapter for Apple phones
  • Capsule Type – Condenser Electret (line gradient)
  • Polar Pattern – Super Cardioid
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz – 20kHZ
  • Sensitivity – -16 dBV/Pa at 1 kHz (+-3db)
  • Signal To Noise Ratio – 75db
  • Maximum SPL – 130 dB SPL(1 kHz, 1% THD, 1-Kilohm Load)
  • Dynamic Range – 110 dB
  • High Pass Filter – 100 hz
  • Gain Adjustment – -10, 0, +15dB
  • Output Impedance – 10 Ohms
  • Output Connection – 3.5mm TRS Camera Cable and TRRS connection
  • Indicators – Rear power on/off/auto LED, Front battery LED (Green 100-30%, Amber 30-10%, Red 10-0%)
  • Best lavalier microphones

Build Quality

a close up of a black microphone on a white surface.

The JOBY Wavo Plus is a featherweight, great for mounting a cardioid shotgun-style microphone on the camera.

When stored away in my camera bag, though, I do worry about heavier equipment jostling against it, so I feel it’s best stored in a dedicated accessory compartment.

This shotgun microphone will sit securely on your camera through its cold shoe mount. The built-in shock mount will not only help with handling noises but will help to keep the Wavo Plus on camera securely.

a camera with a microphone attached to it.

Size & Handling

a woman holding a video camera in her hand with the Joby Wavo Plus mic.

I feel that the JOBY Wavo Plus is perfect for small to mid-size cameras when being used for handheld vlogging or run-and-gun documentary-style video. You will hardly notice its presence.

I didn’t connect it to my Apple smartphone as I didn’t have an adapter to convert the TRRS smartphone cable to a lightning connection.

It does include all other cables for use as a USB microphone and on-camera microphone, as well as connecting to other mobile devices that use a USB Type C Port.

the Joby microphone and included cables.

How I Tested the JOBY Wavo Plus

a man sitting in a chair in front of a camera.

I used the JOBY Wavo Plus on top of a Nikon Z9 for a behind-the-scenes video production for another photographer.

We also used a Zoom audio recorder, and while the audio files from the recorder were superior, the audio from the on-camera Wavo Plus could have been used with no issue.

On another project, we used it as an outdoor vlogging mic, and while we should have used a dead cat to cut out wind noise, the foam windscreen did a pretty good job.

a person holding a camera up to the sky.

Where this mid-priced yet high-quality microphone shines is the pro-level features included.

These include a handy volume control, and an auto-power mode that switches on and off while sensing the camera’s behavior, thereby saving battery life.

Other great features are a safety track to ensure no audio is lost, the LED traffic light system to indicate the battery status, and monitoring of audio levels.

a close up of a cell phone with a microphone attached to it.

a close up of the Wavo Plus mic

a close up mic buttons on the Joby Wavo Plus


The closest alternative would be the RODE VideoMic Pro+ Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone which has similar features but for a bit more money.

There’s also the JOBY Wavo Pro, marketed as the ultimate professional on-camera microphone and featuring active noise reduction.

If you’re like me and are not in need of the highest-end professional features, I think the JOBY Wavo Plus is a great meet-in-the-middle option.

Value for Money

At about US$200, the Wavo Plus is good value for what it offers.

The video review above may say it’s the “perfect microphone for beginners,” but it has features an aspiring content creator can grow into.

I’m sure the RODE VideoMic Pro+ shotgun mic is great quality, but it costs about $100 more.


Is this mic easy to use?

Yes, the JOBY Wavo Plus is very plug-and-play.

Can background noise be monitored while using?

Yes, the headphone 3.5mm input combined with handy volume control allows this.

Can this mic be used with a PC or Mac?

The USB Type-C port will instantly work with a computer and make recording voiceovers an easy task.

JOBY Wavo Plus Review | Conclusion

I’m not an influencer or YouTube creator, but I will use the JOBY Wavo Plus for behind-the-scenes videos to promote my wedding photography business.

I also think it will be good for the interview-style videos that I can send to my clients to help give them a glimpse into the personality of the person behind the camera who will capture their wedding day.

If you’re thinking of doing the same as me or want to grow your reach online, good audio is a key component to any good video, and this on-camera microphone will certainly help.

JOBY Wavo Plus
JOBY Wavo Plus

Easy to use and with some nifty pro-level features, this mic quickly takes your audio to the next level.

Steve Vansak is lead photographer and owner of Region Weddings, shooting wedding and portrait photography in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Build Quality8
Connection Options9
Ease of Use10

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