Best Peephole Camera for Apartment Residents in 2023

Want the added security of a peephole camera without any wires or drilling? Here are the best peephole cameras for apartment residents in 2023.

If you’re looking for the best peephole camera and you live in an apartment where you don’t want to do any invasive drilling or wiring, you’ve come to the right place.

A peephole camera is a home security device that allows you to see and record footage of what’s going on directly outside your front door.

Think of it as a smart and sophisticated upgrade to your door’s peephole!

Brinno SHC500
Brinno  SHC500 Peephole Camera

See and record visitors with ease. Quick set up, 100% wireless and affordably priced with a long-lasting battery.

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In this guide, we’ll take a look at the eight best options for peephole cameras that are no-drill, meaning you can even use them in rental properties without compromising your security deposit. 

So, let’s dive in and take a look. (Or should we say, a peep…)  

What is the Best Peephole Camera for Apartment Residents in 2023?

Brinno SHC500 Front Door Peephole Camera

  • Push button for instant replay
  • Lasting battery for extended runtime
  • Easy installation takes just minutes
  • Wireless for convenience
  • Low-quality recordings
  • Issues replacing batteries

Sneaking a peek at visitors to your home is easier than ever with the Brinno Front Door Peephole Camera SHC500.

A tool to remove your old peephole is included, so you can easily screw on the Brinno model, pop in the batteries and SD card set the time and date and start monitoring any guests that come your way.

Iwire-free, battery-operated design of the Brinno SHC500 allows for installation in minutes and battery life last for 6 months on average.

An LCD screen provides the high resolution you need to scope out visitors while allowing you to remain unseen within the comfort of your home.

A built-in digital visitor log captures the time and date of images and live view mode offers live recordings you can play back instantly.

While most users praise the video and image quality this camera delivers, some users claimed the recordings were low quality.

Get the security and peace of mind you need with the Brinno SHC500, the all round best peephole camera for apartment dwellers of the year.

Ring Video Doorbell 3

  • 1080p HD video for clarity
  • Night vision for dark conditions
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Conveniently works with Amazon Alexa
  • Motion sensor
  • Connection issues
  • Unresponsive support team

Protecting your loved ones and home is easy with the Ring Video Doorbell 3.

Enhanced Wi-Fi and motion sensors allow you to keep an eye on any activity around your home, while 1080p HD delivers the high resolution and clarity you need.

Infrared technology and night vision allow you to see what’s happening at any hour, while two-way talk lets you see, hear and speak to people from your tablet, smartphone or Alexa-enabled device via this door camera.

You can easily adjust your motion zones to focus on specific areas and you can set your notification preferences so you only receive alerts when you want them.

A removable, rechargeable battery pack allows for quick charging between uses and lasting battery life, while an option to connect the camera to your doorbell wiring provides uninterrupted use.

And arguably one of the coolest features is Quick Replies, which gives preset responses when answering the door for added convenience.

While some users noted that the Ring peephole camera had connection issues and frequent updates that caused it to go offline, most reviewers were pleased with its performance.

Although this Ring peephole camera is no longer available through, you can purchase it from a variety of online retailers, including Best Buy, Target and more.

Experience the peace of mind you need at your apartment or rental home with the Ring Video Doorbell 3.

Google Hello Video Door Camera

  • 4:3 aspect ratio for full viewing
  • Night vision for dark conditions
  • Two-way audio for interaction
  • Mobile app for handheld monitoring
  • Connection issues
  • Sound/motion control issues

Home monitoring is easier than ever with the Google Hello Video Doorbell.

By attaching to your existing hardwired doorbell with a screwdriver, this Wi-Fi-enabled device will have you up and running without the need for special tools.

And because it works with the Nest app, you can keep tabs on visitors from the palm of your hand via your iOS or Android device.

Two-way audio lets you easily talk and listen to guests, so you can confirm whether you need to sign for a package or grab it at your convenience.

4:3 aspect ratio allows you to see your guests from head to toe, while night vision functionality ensures you don’t lose visibility during dark conditions.

And a 160-degree diagonal field of view and the ability to zoom up to eight times adds even more visibility to let you see more of what’s happening around your home.

This Google Hello Video Doorbell also boasts an IPX-4 rating for water resistance, so you can rest assured it’ll keep working in the rain.

While we consider the Google Hello Video Doorbell a great front-door security camera, some users reported connection issues that required frequent re-installation.

Give your apartment an extra layer of protection with the Google Hello Video Doorbell.

digitsea Video Door Viewer

  • Easily installs with screwdriver
  • Night vision for added visibility
  • Auto-saved images for convenience
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Not wireless
  • Low-quality images

Get the easy home monitoring system you need with the digitsea Video Door Viewer.

Designed to deliver a no-muss, no-fuss visitor viewing experience, you don’t have to worry about depending on Wi-Fi for it to work.

Many reviewers praised the digitsea Video Door Viewer’s volume settings because they were able to hear the chime from anywhere in their apartment even at the lowest setting, which is a major perk if you’re in the shower and need to quickly get dressed to greet a guest or sign for a package.

It’s also designed for low-power consumption and fully charges in just a few hours, so you can count on lasting battery life while conserving power.

While some users may be miffed that it doesn’t connect to the internet or work with an app like some of the other peep hole cameras mentioned in this article, you just have to be aware of what you’re buying prior to purchasing.

So as long as you’re mindful that it doesn’t have smartphone compatibility or record video, you can enjoy the fact that it does allow you to see who’s at your door instantly.

Achieve the peace of mind you need when monitoring your apartment with the digitsea Video Door Viewer.  

Remo DoorCam 2 Peephole Camera

  • Wi-Fi-enabled for easy connection
  • Two-way audio lets you talk & listen
  • Night vision for nighttime use
  • Multi-user access
  • Connection issues
  • Motion sensor seems delayed

Getting a preview of at-home visitors is a breeze with the Remo DoorCam 2.

Its wire-free design is built to be installed in just seconds over most doors, so you’ll be monitoring all the activity around your home in no time.

Full HD video offers the high-quality view you need, while a 160-degree field of view lets you see more of your surroundings.

Two-way talk allows you to see, hear and talk to visitors in real time, and infrared night vision means you can monitor your home around the clock without losing visibility.

You’ll receive instant alerts to your smartphone or tablet when motion is detected and you can even enjoy total control over motion zones, so you’re only notified of motion when you want to be.

And the sensitivity level of the motion sensors easily adjusts so you won’t worry about getting notified over insignificant things like noise from bustling leaves or wind.

The Remo DoorCam 2 is also weather-resistant to withstand harsh conditions any time of year.

You can also enjoy multi-viewer access with the option to share with up to five users, allowing other family members or neighbors to monitor your home when you’re out of town.

And best of all, the Remo DoorCam 2 works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT for added convenience.

Give your apartment the extra layer of protection it needs with the Remo DoorCam 2.

EZVIZ CP4 Peephole Doorbell

  • 1080P full HD video
  • Two-way audio lets you talk & listen
  • Smart feature reduces false alarms
  • 5 ringtones available
  • Language issues
  • User account required

Experience peace of mind at your fingertips with the EZVIZ CP4 Peephole Doorbell.

1080P full-HD resolution provides the clarity and level of detail you need, while a 166-degree ultra-wide viewing angle brings the full picture around your home into full view.

Its touch-enabled control panel ensures easy, intuitive operation for the elderly and children and allows you to adjust the settings as needed quickly.

Live video and two-way audio let you know who’s at your door immediately while allowing you to both hear and greet them.

Night vision gives you visibility at all times of day, while its zinc-alloy construction ensures durability against weathering and tampering.

Smart Human Motion Detection uses state-of-the-art technology for more accurate motion detection with reduced false alarms that can be triggered by weather or trivial items moving.

Five ringtones and adjustable volume give you the sound and style you want with each ring.

And the EZVIZ app offers total home monitoring when you’re on the go or out of town, so you can always keep tabs on things regardless of where you are.

While some users experienced difficulty trying to change the language, most users found the controls super easy to use for adjustments.

Getting the reliable home security you need is hassle-free thanks to the EZVIZ CP4 Peephole Doorbell.

JeaTone Peephole Viewer WiFi Digital Door Viewer

  • Wide-angle HD viewing
  • Built-in motion detection
  • Multi-user access
  • Wireless for convenience
  • May go offline
  • Doesn’t work with 5G

Bring a smarter level of security to your home JeaTone Peephole Viewer WiFi Digital Door Viewer.

Designed to connect to your home Wi-Fi network wirelessly, you can easily monitor your home from smartphones, tablets and more.

1080P HD with a 120-degree wide viewing angle delivers the clarity you need to view visitors and the area around your home clearly, while night vision ensures you can continue monitoring at night or in dark conditions.

Its built-in motion detection can be easily adjusted to the sensitivity level you prefer to avoid false alarms caused by noise from traffic or weather.

Two-way audio lets you see, hear and speak to visitors at your front door for convenience.

Its long battery life ensures lasting operation, while multi-user access allows you to give up to 12 users access, so you can share use with your family or with neighbors when you’re out of town.

However, some users reported issues with 5G devices and noted that the app works on 2.4G, so please be aware of that prior to purchasing.

Boosting your home’s level of security is a breeze with the JeaTone Peephole Viewer WiFi Digital Door Viewer.

Sonew Home Visual Doorbell Digital Door Eye Viewer Camera

  • 1080P HD LCD screen
  • 120-degree view
  • Anti-pry construction
  • Energy-saving design
  • Resolution isn’t great
  • Questionable packaging

Keep your home and loved ones secure with the Sonew Home Visual Doorbell Digital Door Eye Viewer Camera.

A touch control panel makes selections and setting adjustments a breeze for kids and elders, so it’s user-friendly for all ages.  

Equipped with a 1080P HD LCD display and a 120-degree wide-angle view, you can clearly see visitors and the surrounding area with ease.

Its anti-pry construction prevents damage and theft, while its energy-saving design means the screen times out after a period of inactivity to promote lasting use while conserving power.

However, some users noted that they received incorrect instructions that didn’t apply to their product or model, so be sure to check the packaging carefully.

Easily monitor your home and guests at the touch of a button with the Sonew Home Visual Doorbell Digital Door Eye Viewer Camera.

How To Choose A Peephole Camera for Your Apartment

Ensuring your apartment has a ring of protection around it can add significant peace of mind for any resident. With an abundance of camera types and models to choose from, picking the right one can be overwhelming.

While we’re strong advocates for every peephole camera listed in this article, here are some features to look for if you want to learn more:

  • Video quality — HD is preferred for clarity and level of detail.
  • Night vision — you’ll want to make you can still clearly view guests in dark conditions and evenings if your apartment has an exterior entryway.
  • Two-way audio — this’ll ensure you can both talk and listen to visitors.
  • Wireless connection — this promotes easier setup and often brings the smartphone compatibility you want for handheld viewing.

 Also, be mindful of the following:

  • Peephole size — if you live in an apartment or rental home, you’ll want to avoid extra steps like drilling, so make sure to carefully review the list of compatible sizes for any peephole camera you’re considering.
  • Outside design — the main differentiator between peephole cameras is how they look on the exterior, i.e., does it look like a doorbell or a standard peephole?
  • Storage — we can’t emphasize the importance of storage enough! You’ll need to know how your camera stores images or recorded video clips if you want to retrieve them later. Most peephole cameras store data on an SD card

Frequently Asked Questions About Peephole Cameras

Can you put a camera in your peep hole?

Yes. The best peephole cameras are built to be installed over your existing peephole.

What is a peephole camera?

A peephole camera is a security camera that attaches to your existing peephole and typically connects to your Wi-Fi or your existing doorbell’s wiring, so you can see guests or packages at your door from the camera’s screen or your smartphone or tablet.

Do peephole cameras run on batteries?

Yes. The best peephole cameras have a built-in, removable battery pack that allows for easy replacements and extended battery life, while others with built-in batteries can just be charged a few times a year.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking to scan visitors at your door or checking to see if your package was delivered, peephole cameras are a great way for apartment or rental home residents to experience the same peace of mind larger security systems give homeowners.

With a simple installation that typically only requires a screwdriver, you can achieve the added security you want day or night and the option to go hard wired or wireless, depending on your preference.

While many apartments take measures to ensure the security of the building as a whole, all of the top-performing peephole cameras mentioned in this article will give you the added protection you need for your individual apartment or rental home.       

Brinno Front SHC500
Brinno Front Door Peephole Camera


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