How can I stabilize my camera without a stabilizer?

Often, camera stabilization is as easy as placing your camera on a hard surface or using your camera strap. Learn some DIY camera stabilization tricks you can use today.

Camera stabilizers provide the stability and smoothness you need for film and video — even the homemade kind. Don’t fret if you don’t have an actual stabilizer though.

Sometimes, camera stabilization is as easy as placing your camera on a hard surface or using your camera’s straps. Keep reading to learn some DIY camera stabilization tricks you can leverage at home or out on the job.

You should also check out the video above from expert filmmaker Nigel Barros, who explains how to stabilize your camera with a stabilizer.

How do you make a homemade camera stabilizer?

camera straps on floor

Used in the right way, you can even use a camera strap as a stabilizer.

A variety of things around your home can be leveraged to make a homemade camera stabilizer. Whether you’re using components of the camera itself, like its straps, or simply relying on a nearby surface, camera stability is achievable.

Almost any hard indoor surface can seamlessly moonlight as a camera stabilizer. We suggest sturdy surfaces such as a desk, coffee table, counter, or even the seat of a hard chair.

Experts recommend placing a table between your camera and the hard surface for adjustments that are as easy as gently pulling the towel in the preferred direction.

But what about those times when you’re shooting outdoors or in your backyard and don’t have an indoor surface nearby? Try these tips:

  • A rock or boulder with a flat top makes it easy to achieve stunning photos near and far. You can also try stabilizing your camera on top of a large concrete step, which is particularly useful for quick outdoor shots in front of landmarks, churches, and more.
  • Your camera strap — Simply wear your camera with the built-in strap pulled tightly against the back of your neck while holding your camera in front of you. This allows your neck to become a stabilizer along with your hands while letting you move around freely.

In addition to using your neck with the camera strap, you can also fashion handles from it the way photographer and videographer, Dean Tucker does below:


While we covered some easy options for making a homemade camera stabilizer, there are so many more methods to explore.

It’s also worth noting that your camera may have built-in stabilization, or you may be using an action camera without the need for a gimbal.

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