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Landscape, Travel | Last Updated: July 28, 2022

My name is Carmen Huter, I was born and raised in a small mountain town in Austria and now call the capital of our beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand) home.

I never intended to become a photographer, let alone a travel photographer. Apart from my early obsession with documentaries and stories from places and adventurers far and wide, I very much focused on climbing the corporate ladder.

From one internship to another, I decided to take six months out just after high school to get my English levels up to scratch. New Zealand seemed like a lovely place to do this, so off I went. Halfway through, my school went into receivership, I lost my visa and was left with only one option – to travel. The initially unthinkable soon turned into fully grown enthusiasm for solo travelling all across the world.

Fast forward a couple of years, a commerce degree and many adventures later, I created a fashion blog. How a mathematics-loving traveller ended up with a fashion blog, we will never know. I soon realised fast fashion was not something I could support with good conscience so I finally leapt into travel photography and here we are.

My work now places a big focus on environmentalism, naturally the outdoors and sustainability. Other than on that silly little app called Instagram, my art has also been featured in National Geographic online, overseas exhibitions (most recently in Hong Kong), the Daily Mail, Huff Post, and many more valued outlets.

My client list spans from national and international tourism boards to businesses such as Icebreaker, Air New Zealand, Marriott Asia Pacific, Amex, Burts Bees and Ethique, to name a few.


Sony a7R III and Sony a7 II
My first ever camera just over three years ago was a Sony a6000. A year or so later I upgraded to the Sony a7 II and am now loving my new Sony a7R III. For me, it is crucial I own gear I can enjoy and use in any environment. Mirrorless bodies have the advantage of being a lot lighter than traditional DSLR cameras, which helps on those long uphill climbs.


Sony GM 24-70mm f/2.8
This is my go-to lens. It offers an excellent variety in focal lengths while being perfectly sharp at all times.

Sony GM 16-35mm f/2.8
I much prefer this to the f/4 version. It makes a beautiful addition to my kit and is in a constant battle of favourites with my 24-70.

Sony 70-200 f/4
This telephoto lens comes in handy when photographing wildlife and alpine scenery. It lends itself to creating scale and draws in the viewer’s attention. This one will soon be upgraded to the GM 70-200 f/2.8.

Sony T* FE 35mm f/1.4
Often neglected, much loved and praised nevertheless. An essential lens for portraits and even for landscapes if I want to tell a unique story.


I use Polar Pro UV filters on all lenses and occasionally use a Polar Pro Polariser.

DJI Mavic Pro 2 with Polar Pro filters
I much prefer this one to its sibling Mavic Pro, the Hasselblad sensor is magnificent.

AquaTech Elit At Series III Water Housing
Bulky to travel with, expensive to acquire, tricky to know what you’re doing when you’re underwater and yet so worth the effort and expense. Underwater photography continually challenges me and brings me a lot of joy.

Nikon FXI film camera – for a bit of old school fun when I get tired of the digital shutters.

I carry all of the above in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. It’s ethically made, has a lifetime guarantee and is weatherproof – I highly recommend it. | @carmenhuter

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  1. lena on June 14, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Hi, the uv filter for your camera lenses – the amazon link goes to the uv filters for the Diji mavic air. Which ones do you use for your camera lenses?

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