Christoph Jorda

Photojournalism | Last Updated: December 24, 2020

My Name is Christoph Jorda. I’m a Photojournalist from the Bavarian alps, but I got my start as a sport and adventure photographer. These days I spend about 50% of my time as an adventure photographer and 50% as a Photojournalist. For me, this works really well, and I need both worlds. Actually, the knowledge and the fitness which comes from the mountains helps me a lot in crisis areas.

In the winter I spend more time in the mountains shooting Skiing, Snowboarding, etc. In the summertime I focus more on long term projects, crises and disasters.

When I´ve made it safely back home I take those experiences and photos and do exhibitions combined with speeches. I deeply believe in the power of a single image and so I want to give those a voice who don´t have a voice loud enough to be heard. I also want to show the people back home what life is like in other parts of the world and make them think about their impact on the world and about their own lives.

For me, photography always has something to do with expressing certain feelings. No matter what I photograph I want the viewer of the photo to have nearly the same feeling as I did.


My first camera was a Canon and I stick to Canon ever since. I never got disappointed. I love the durability and the haptic.

Until half a year ago I had only one body with me on my travels! I know this is totally crazy – but true. Now I use the Canon 1Dx (fast and durable) and the Canon 5D Mark IV (small and quiet – not in the picture because of maintenance).

Lenses: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8; 24-70mm f/2.8; 16-35mm f/2.8

Two waterproof cases for my CF cards. The grey/orange bag is basically a first-aid kit with strong pain killers, compress, tape, lighter, etc.

A swiss army knife to scare the bad guys away…some energy bars because you never know when there will be food again. A copy of your passport is always good to have.

Photo backpack: I just love the practically and durability of the EVOC Photopacks. Most of the time I use the CP 26. I can fit all my camera gear in there and the other equipment which I need for one or two days in the field. Also very important—it does not look like a photo backpack saying “Hello! I’m a photographer.”

The Apple Mac Book Pro and the two Hard Drives to back up my images, but these essentials stay in the “basecamp”.


I’m fortunate enough to be sponsored by Canon, Patagonia and EVOC, who allow me to use their amazing equipment to help me capture my shots and travel more efficiently.

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