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How to Sell Photos & Make Money with ClickASnap (Review & Tips)

ClickASnap is an online platform you can use to earn money every time someone clicks and views your photo. Check out our review to see if it really works.

ClickASnap is an online platform you can use to earn money by taking and uploading photos. Unlike most other platforms, which earn you money when someone purchases your photos, ClickASnap has a different earning method.

ClickASnap allows you to earn a certain amount of money every time someone clicks and views your photo. That initially seemed like a fantastic idea, and I immediately went to check it out.

I found out that, despite ClickASnap’s earning method being true, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are a few things that you should consider before starting to make actual money on ClickASnap.

What are those things, are they achievable, and where do you start? I’ll show you everything you need to know about how to sell photos and make money with ClickASnap in my review.

ClickASnap Review: Can You Actually Make Money on Clickasnap?

  • You Do Get Paid for Views
  • Withdrawal Is Easy and Straightforward
  • The Better You Are, the More You Earn
  • Consistency Will Pay
  • The Numbers Aren’t as Good as They Seem
  • Not Every View Is a Paid View

If you look at ClickASnap’s home page, you’ll notice some tempting attention grabbers like the 2 million image views per day or the member count that exceeds the million.

There’s also that sweet-looking 0.70¢ paid per photo view, which made me imagine swimming in a pool of money in a fancy seaside villa. I mean you get paid when your photos are viewed? Sign me up!

I wasn’t a professional photographer, nor did I even have a camera, but did I make money from Click a Snap?

Yes, I did. Quite the fair amount, too; it’s just not as I expected as there’s a lot more going on than just uploading photos to Clicksnap and cashing in their money.


So, how does Clickasnap work? It’s time to explain the features of ClickAsnap. This will allow you to get as close as possible to the pros while avoiding the cons. Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Subscription Packages

When you first sign up to ClickAsnap, you’ll be asked to choose among four different subscription packages, those are:

  • Free
  • Ad-free ($2.4 / month)
  • Seller ($4.8 / month)
  • Pro Seller ($12 / month)

Keep in mind that those numbers are valid at the time of writing this article. Depending on when you’re reading it, the numbers may change.

That being said, the higher your package is, the more features you’re allowed to use. There’s also a 20% discount if you decide to pay for an annual subscription.

However, you’ll need to pay the subscription upfront. You don’t get a refund if you stop halfway through the year.

Automated Promotions (With Credits)

Promotions and exposure are the bread and butter of getting yourself recognized in any field. ClickASnap allows you to set up automated ads to draw more attention to your ClickASnap account.

You can also integrate your Instagram account into your profile which gives more credibility and attracts more views.

You can get these credits by purchasing them or using the Pro Seller package, which gives you 100 free monthly credits.

Email Notifications for Subscribers allows people to subscribe to the accounts they like in a similar manner to YouTube’s subscription.

If you have the Pro Seller package, your subscribers will get a notification every time you upload a picture.

Watermark Protection

Taking undeserved credit is a habit that people are growing lately, and online platforms have made it easier than ever.

If you don’t want someone to use a third-party website or a script to steal your photos and take credit for them, ClickASnap’s watermark protection has your back.

Unfortunately, you only get access to that if you purchase the Pro Seller package.

How do I Get More Views on ClickASnap?

Now for the core of the article. I’ve had my fair share of looking around to make my money-earning game better on ClickASnap.

Since you’ve made it this far into the article, I’ll give you all the tips I found.

Create a Theme

Your profile needs to have a specific theme of pictures. Don’t just go around and take a photo of anything that seems to have a good angle.

You can sort your photos into albums to keep things more categorized. Still, it’s better to have a dedicated photo theme so you can have a dedicated audience.

Quality Over Quantity

In ClickASnap, it pays to share. But it has to be well-thought-out. ClickASnap users don’t like to be overwhelmed with pictures. So don’t upload various images of the same scene or object. This creates a sense that you don’t have much content and will drive people away from your profile.

Instead, find your best photo of a particular scene or object and upload it.

You should also study which stock photos are best sellers.

Write Photo Descriptions

ClickASnap allows you to write up to 300 words as a description for a photo. Take some time to write down that description to increase the viewing time of your photo.

Oh, I haven’t told you yet, have I? Viewing time matters!

It took me a month to realize that ClickASnap doesn’t register a view unless the person stays on the photo for five seconds. I started having almost double the views within a week once I started adding meaningful descriptions to my photos. Doing this simple thing can help maximize your ClickASnap earnings.

Additionally, an accurate description helps Google to direct a person seeking your photo when they browse a keyword. So, do your best to make Google’s job easier so you can get more earnings.

Personalize Your Profile

People love the sense of identification and personal touches. Most ClickASnap users are photographers themselves, and you need to create a sense of connection with them.

Customize your profile, and add a personal photo, description, and header photo.

Once the viewers start to feel the essence of the person behind an account, they’ll be more likely to scroll down your profile and view some photos.

Interact With Others

In the beginning, you’ll hardly get any comments on your photos, but if you do, make sure to respond warmly to them. This will bring the commenter back to your profile for more interaction and photo views.

You should also try to hang around other profiles, leave them some nice comments, and show them that you appreciate their work. This will lead them straight back to your profile, where they will do you the same.

Kindness revolves around those who give it the most.

ClickASnap FAQs

What is ClickASnap in a nutshell?

Essentially, it is a photo-sharing platform where you can potentially earn whenever your photos are viewed.

Is ClickASnap legitimate?

Is Click A Snap legit? the short answer is yes.

ClickASnap is a legitimate platform where many people have already earned money. There are no reports of ClickASnap scams. There’s no risk of scamming or fraudulence. It’s just about understanding how the process works and using that knowledge to your advantage.

How do I withdraw money from ClickASnap?

Once you have reached that $15 minimum threshold, you can request a withdrawal. First, go to the Click A login page and log in to your account. Then, go to Settings > Check earnings > make a request. Make sure you have a working PayPal account to withdraw your money.

What are ClickASnap payment methods?

ClickASnap payments are sent through PayPal. make sure to have a fully verified Paypal account to receive your earnings. No other payment methods by Click A are available at the moment.

How do I cancel my ClickASnap subscription?

To cancel your ClickASnap subscription, go to the Settings > Subscriptions > Downgrade to free membership. You can also cancel the payment using your card provider or PayPal account.

How do I add a picture to ClickASnap?

Simply click on the upload button near your profile to add a picture. You’ll then be asked to select your photo and if you want to add a description to it. Keep in mind that nudity, violence, and drugs aren’t allowed.

What do the coins mean on ClickASnap?

The coins icon tells you how many paid views your picture gets. The number by the piggy bank is the amount of money you earn.

Is ClickASnap worth it?

While it certainly won’t replace your day job anytime soon, ClickASnap is a good way to earn a few bucks on the side with very minimal effort. If you are looking for a no-fuss side gig, try Click A Snap.

Click a Snap Review | Final Words

That’s my take on how to sell photos & make money with ClickASnap. If you’re just beginning, don’t expect ClickASnap to become a full-time job.

Until you manage to play all the right cards and gain exposure, ClickASnap is a potential source of extra income that will gradually increase with proper attention.

I’ve seen some people earning thousands of dollars through ClickASnap. While those people are the rare toppers, I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t be able to get to their level.

Invest, understand, and be consistent. Then, ClickASnap may just be your next successful step.

You should also check out: Can you make money with PicFair? and How to use Foap App to sell your photos.

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