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ShotKit’s Covid Christmas: 4 Hilarious Pictures Revealing What Christmas Will Be Like This Year

Sorry Michael Buble, Christmas 2020 is on track for looking very, very weird. With the UK and other parts of Europe going into lockdown 2.0 and the coronavirus pandemic raging on in other parts of the world, the chances of it ever Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas is slim for many households.

Unfortunately, during a Covid Christmas, there’s likely to be less stock on the shelves and at best people will have to remain socially distant from one another.

For many, that means no embarrassing yourself at the Christmas work party, no overgrown turkeys, and no sharing crackers.

However, to make light of a grim situation, at Shotkit we’ve created ‘Covid Christmas’, a photo book that depicts what we think Christmas could look like.

Warning: despite having a tint of satire, it’s actually pretty darn depressing. You can tell us photographers have had a miserable year due to Covid.

We like to think that the shock these photos create will encourage people to do everything they can to abide by the rules and get lockdown out of the way before Christmas so that we can avoid this horrible nightmare.

1. Come here kiddo, not too close though or you’ll get nothing...

Santas socially isolated grotto with larger sign

2. We couldn’t invite Nan so we got her on Zoom instead. Say hi to nan.

Covid Christmas Dinner Without Forest Fire

3. Nobody:
Me: I actually quite like Covid Christmas dinner

Student Christmas Dinner

4. The Elves go back on furlough

Santas workshop closed for business - with signs

Want to learn how we created the photos? Check out our complete list of photo editing software.

These images are free to use and share. We are also happy for you to give the pictures any caption you like.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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