Dario Dusio


My name is Dario Dusio and I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011.

I love traveling, Guinness, sushi, and rock music.

I started my career as a music photographer, then I owned a small studio in Turin and after that I found my way shooting weddings, mixing reportage and amazing “WOW” shots.

Over the years I’ve changed gear so many times, trying to find the perfect mix for nearly all my assignments. I used Canon, then Nikon, then Fuji, and right now Fuji + Nikon.

I love my Fuji for the reportage part of a wedding because it’s small, silent, and nice to see. However, I prefer to use my D850 for the preparation and in the church because I work usually in Northern Italy where there isn’t much available light inside of the churches. I feel more secure with the Nikon Autofocus (I wear glasses so no manual focusing for me) and high ISO performance.

I need redundancy but I try to do it with the lightest setup, so I use two camera bodies with two lenses (usually 35mm and 85mm).

I choose to be light because I think that a tired photographer can’t do very good photos and weddings today are very long (from 10 hours to easily 14 hours straight). By not using zooms I may not always have the perfect shots but hey… it’s 2019, we can always crop a bit if needed!

I loved zooms in the past when I was photographing concerts and musicians but a wedding is a completely different game: I want to be able to blend in and stay close: zooms are just unnecessary for my style of work.

The other good part of using fast primes is that I can always shoot in natural light and use the flash to create something more spectacular rather than not being able to grab sufficient light and annoying everybody during the ceremony.

After changing my bag so may times I ended up using a small one with my basic setup and a second one with all my lights equipment.

My photography focuses around candid, emotional shots: most of my work is being able to get close to people I photograph: that’s the most important part of my gear, my social skills and my smile.


Evercase backpack

Holdfast Swag

Primary body Nikon D850
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G
Nikon 85mm f/1.8G
1 spare battery

Secondary body Fujifilm X-Pro2
Fujinon 23mm f/2
Fujinon 16mm f/1.4
Samyang 8mm fisheye f/2.8
4x spare battery
Patona double charger usb
Anker 20k ma battery pack

Think tank SD Pixel Pocket Rocket with 9x SD sandisk

Macbook pro 13 with adaptors and charger

Small light and boxcutter
2x Lucky charms and 2x beard rings

Manfrotto cellular stand

Business cards

Neewer bag
2x Yongnuo trigger
2x Yongnuo flash
2x Neewer light stand
2x flash Bowens mounts
Bowens honeycomb grid
GVM dimmable led
3x gels (cto ctb ctg)
soft photographic umbrella
transparent rain umbrella


Inside Dario’s camera bag:

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