16 Funny Divorce Photoshoot Ideas to Celebrate Freedom!

Planning a crazy divorce photoshoot is a great way to have fun and move on. Close a chapter and celebrate freedom with these funny photo ideas!

From the moment you say “I do,” the last thing on your mind is ending the marriage in a divorce.

Nobody plans to get a divorce, but in the event things don’t work out, planning a crazy divorce photoshoot is one way to have fun and move on.

Close this chapter in your life by celebrating your divorce, with or without your ex-partner, and bringing a photographer along to document the transformation you are about to go through.

I’ve taken many engagement photos and helped many couples celebrate their new life together – and helped some of them celebrate their new life apart with divorce pictures as well!

Here are my ideas for a fun divorce photoshoot.

What Are Some Funny Divorce Photoshoot Ideas?

Credit: Trinity Kubassek

The one thing that makes taking divorce photographs a memorable experience is your ability to have fun and laugh.

To help provide you with some inspiration, here are some funny divorce photo shoot ideas:

Breaking the Frame

Wear a set of high heels to crush a photo frame with your wedding picture in it. Capture the glass shattering or you jumping up and down on the frame.

This is a great one to represent a woman moving on from her ex-husband.

Cake Smashing

Have a single-sheet wedding cake with “I don’t” written on the frosting.

Take a baseball bat, smash the cake, and then take photographs of you enjoying the smashed pieces.

Taking Off Handcuffs

taking off handcuffs

Credit: Pixabay

A set of handcuffs makes for an incredible prop in a divorce photoshoot.

Removing the handcuffs symbolizes freedom and being unshackled from your relationship with your former significant other.

Cutting Him or Her Out

Gather a bunch of pictures of the two of you and capture images of you cutting your ex out of all of them.

After you’ve finished cutting the photos, take the pieces of him or her and toss them in the air.

Set Photos on Fire

Credit: Yuvraj Singh

Take your wedding pictures and capture images of you setting them on fire.

You can also plan a post-divorce photoshoot of yourself in front of a fireplace tossing a wedding photo in and blowing it a kiss goodbye.

You could also hug and show off the divorce papers as you watch everything burn.

Get Dirty

Credit: Mschiffm

Here are two fun ways to get dirty with a motorcycle in your divorce photoshoot.

These photos can be taken with the couple, but if your ex-husband or ex-wife doesn’t want to participate, anyone can fit the other person’s role.

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The first idea is aimed at the woman wanting to represent leaving her ex-husband behind. Go somewhere there is a lot of mud or dirt, and wear your wedding dress.

Credit: Hochzeitsfotograf Christian Colista, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Then, stage it to look like you’re riding the motorcycle and dragging your ex-husband behind in the dirt as he holds onto the train of the dress.

Another divorce photoshoot idea that reverses the roles is to have the woman wear her wedding gown near a large puddle of water and have the man drive through the puddle on a motorcycle, splashing water and mud all over the dress.

Cutting the Certificate

Fish out that old marriage certificate and give it a clean chop through the middle with some scissors.

For a bit more drama, use an axe or even set it on fire! Just double check your lawyer doesn’t still need it first, though!

Row Row Row Away

Woman in canoe

Credit: Kalen Emsley

Get in a row boat on a lake and start rowing away, and the photographer takes the photo from behind of a man standing on the shore looking sad.

Waving away from one another is a unique addition to this divorce photoshoot.

Toss It All Away

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Find a large body of water, such as standing on a bridge over a lake or river or at the beach.

Capture photographs of you throwing away your wedding flowers, wedding pictures, ring, or dress into the water. (Note: If you do not want to toss the actual ring, find a fake substitute.)

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Target Practice

Credit: Pixabay

Work on target practice with arrows or ax throwing and placing your wedding photo or marriage license on the target board.

What Are Some Ideas for a Divorce Photoshoot with Friends?

friends around bonfire

Credit: Kindel Media

After a divorce is a time to rely on the support of your fabulous friends. So, invite your best buds to join you during your divorce photoshoot, including some of the following ideas for taking divorce photos:


Take divorce photos while you and your friends play paintball while wearing your wedding dress.

This divorce photoshoot would be even better if you had all your bridesmaids join you wearing their dresses.

Goodbye Earl

Have a “Goodbye Earl” themed photoshoot by wrapping up sheets to look like a dead body while you and your friends dance, laugh, and pop champagne around the prop.


Credit: Gaspar Uhas

Make a bonfire to dance around as you and your close friends throw mementos from your marriage into the flames.

Items can include wedding portraits, dresses, and a marriage license (or a copy of one).

Come Back

Get in a boat and have a rope tied to it, leading back to shore, where your friends work on pulling you back to shore and to your freedom.

What Are Some Examples of a Burning Dress Photoshoot?

wedding dress water

Credit: Luke Marshall

One of the more iconic divorce photoshoot scenes is the wedding dress burning.

This act portrays the idea that you are ready to move on and closes the door to that chapter of your life. Here are a few ways to burn your wedding dress in a photoshoot:

Bonfire Excitement

Build a bonfire, take pictures of you putting the dress in the fire, and continue capturing the moments as the dress burns.

Another option is to cut the dress into pieces and toss the pieces in the fire one at a time.

Wave Like a Flag

Attach your wedding dress to the end of a large stick, set it on fire, and then wave it like a flag.

The waving of the dress is your way of surrendering to the end of the marriage and indicating you are ready to move on.

Light It Up

Hang the dress on a clothesline or find another way to hang it up so you can see it. Then, stand around it with a can of gasoline, pouring the fuel over the dress.

Strike a match and light the dress on fire from the bottom, then stand back and photograph yourself watching it burn.

Bonus: Did you know there’s even divorce boudoir?!

Female boudoir

Credit: Jeferson Gomes

Make yourself feel sexy and powerful after a divorce by scheduling a divorce boudoir photo session.

While boudoir photoshoots are popular for women, male boudoir shoots can also be great post-divorce. (Read more: What are the best boudoir poses for beginners?)

Acknowledge your self-worth with hot divorce pictures to remind yourself how special and beautiful you are.

Credit: Olia Danilevich

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