A nude woman laying on a violin with a parrot on her head.

32 Most Famous Nude Photographers in 2023

Explore the captivating and erotic world of renowned nude photographers, capturing raw emotion and the human form in its purest artistic expression

Here’s a list of famous nude photographers from all over the world.

Nude photography isn’t just about nakedness; it’s about raw emotion, authenticity, and sometimes, a touch of controversy.

When clothes come off, stories come out.

The best nude photographers have a knack for capturing the human form in ways that make us think, feel, and sometimes blush!

Let’s take a journey through the world of famous nude photographers, get a peek into their creative minds, and see what makes their shots stand out in a crowd.

32 Famous Nude Photographers from Past and Present


Black and white photo of a naked woman laying on rocks.

Image Credit: Aktonymus

Aktonymus is one of the nude photographers that celebrates the human form.

His works focus on feminine beauty, showing its purest form and the emotions that come with it.

He plays with the combination of female curves and nature.

Alasdair McLellan

A woman in a white bodysuit laying on a bed.

Image Credit: Alasdair McLellan

Alasdair Mclellan is a British photographer inclined in the fashion industry.

His works already appeared in Vogue, LOVE, POP, and Arena Homme +. McClellan also published photo books like Ultimate Clothing Company, The Palace, Ceremony, and Blondey 15-21.

Alexandra Leese

A black and white photo of a woman laying on top of a pillow.

Image Credit: Alexandra Leese

Alexandra Leese is a British photographer known for his evocative style.

She has collaborated with many renowned fashion brands and is a celebrated photographer because of her intimate style of storytelling.

Alfred Stieglitz

A woman in a bathing suit standing in the water.

Image Credit: Flashbak

Alfred Stieglitz was an American photographer known for his contributions to modern art.

He created a series of nude photos entitled “Equivalents,” and he significantly contributed to the introduction of modern European Art in the US through his work “291.”

His abstract photographs continue to leave a long-lasting legacy in the photography industry.

Bill Brandt

A black and white photo of people laying on the ground.

Image Credit: Weston Gallery

Bill Brandt was a British photographer from Germany who later moved to England, where he became famous for his photo contributions in magazines such as Lilliput and Picture Post.

He was also a photojournalist focusing on social issues and collaboration with the press. He was known for his distorted nudes and portraits of famous artists.

Cam Attree

A black and white photo of a naked woman laying on the floor.

Image Credit: Brisbane Photography

Cam Attree is an Australian photographer known for nude and fine art photography.

He is recognized for his artistic and tasteful manner of capturing the human form with the help of natural light and his unique camera settings.

He focuses on the beauty of the human body, showing its sensuality and vulnerability.

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Dan Hecho

A woman is laying down on a spiral staircase.

Image Credit: Dan Hecho

Dan Hecho is one of the most famous nude photographers known for his unique photography style.

His works are full of colors with light and art performances.

He is into fine art photography as well and has won awards in the Russian National Photo Award in 2011.

Daria Harris

A woman holding candles in front of a dark room.

Image Credit: Daria Harris

Daria Harris is a nude photographer who has been published in Italian Vogue.

Her love for photography includes playing with her lens, with lighting, and experimenting with editing.

Harris believes that photos are not about the photographer but about the subjects, and they are just there to record them.

Dave Lucas

A woman in a corset laying on a fur rug.

Image Credit: Kavyar

Dave Lucas captures the unique and natural beauty of his subjects, believing that the real person is just beneath what is seen.

Lucas is one of the photographers who works with art, nude, and glamour.

He has high respect for women and for him, a woman’s naked body is more than just a sexual concept but a beautiful art to be appreciated.

Denisse Ariana Pérez

A group of people in lingerie posing in front of a red curtain.

Image Credit: Denisse Ariana Perez

Denisse Ariana Pérez is a Dominican photographer who fell in love with nude photography.

She started having a relationship with photography after winning a camera during one of their college bazaars.

Pérez’s nude photography style showcases human bodies of different races, genders, and experiences.

She recently published a photobook entitled “Agua.”

Germaine Krull

Two nude women laying on a bed.

Image Credit: Artsy

Germaine Krull is one of the famous photographers who became controversial for capturing images about gender, inequality, and political ideologies.

She is also involved in fashion photography and photojournalism.

Her published works include “tAke” (Nudes) and “Les Amies” (Girlfriends).

Both are full of sensual images and sultry poses, and the latter also has lesbian encounters.

Harley Weir

Two women sitting in a pink bath tub.

Image Credit: Harley Weir

Harley Weir is celebrated for capturing the raw and unfiltered in the world of nude photography.

Though having a wide range of subjects, Weir’s portfolio focuses on intimacy, human forms, and identity.

Helmut Newton

A woman laying on top of a crocodile.

Image Credit: WWD

Helmut Newton was a German-Australian photographer known for his provocative work.

He was one of the nude photographers that featured eroticism, nudity, and sensuality in his craft.

Newton was also famous for challenging the norm when it comes to beauty and gender. His fashion editorial works were published in Vogue.

Henriette van Gasteren

A naked woman laying on a table with a piece of meat on it.

Image Credit: Henriette van Gasteren

Henriëtte van Gasteren is an award-winning photographer who is also known as Lilith.

She uses self-portraits to showcase the women of today.

Gasteren’s works revolve around gender, identity, freedom, religion, and human experiences.

Her crafts also portray humor and sensuality, usually aggressive, creative, and intelligent.

Henriëtte van Gasteren had her works exhibited in the US and Europe.

Herb Ritts

A black and white photograph of a naked man crouching.

Image Credit: Oh Yeah Pop

Herb Ritts was definitely one of the most well-known nude photographers.

Ritts had a series of nude and semi-nude photos that revolved around sensuality and aesthetics.

His works captured human forms with simplicity and elegance.

Herbert List

A black and white photo of a young man in the water.

Image Credit: Invaluable

Herbert List was meticulous with his works and always took advantage of natural light for his art.

One of the nude photographers who has known contributions to the photography industry, List was notable for his nude photos that usually exhibited surrealism and classicism.

Aside from the human body, he also captured several photos of landscapes and the daily lives of people.

Horst P. Horst

A woman laying on the grass in front of a house.

Image Credit: Clamp Art

Horst P. Horst was a German-American photographer whose works were so iconic that he was one of the nude photographers who helped shape the fashion industry in the 20th century.

With his use of light and shadows, he was able to create beautiful works with the dramatic effects of famous Hollywood celebrities. Some of his works were even published in Vogue.

Horst’s most famous piece is the “Mainbocher Corset,” where he was considered the greatest nude photographer of his time.

Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningman was an American photographer and prominent figure in the industry.

She was widely known for including nude art photography, portraits, and botanicals in her works.

She has an abstract approach to nude photography using lighting and visually striking images of the human form.

Joel Belmont

A black and white photo of a naked woman in an attic.

Image Credit: Joel Belmont

Joel Belmont has a bold perspective in photography. His images of female body forms are just striking.

He currently runs workshops for aspiring photographers.

Maria Clara Macrì

The cover of paris, october 20th.

Image Credit: Maria Clara Macrì

Maria Clara Macrì is an Italian nude photographer who creates uniqueness, one still frame at a time.

She works across different genres and started her visual research from politics to social issues.

Macrì focuses on female representation, intimacy, and exploration of the human body form.

Mona Kuhn

A naked woman sitting on a table in front of a mirror.

Image Credit: Mutual Art

Mona Kuhn is a German-American photographer known in the fine art photography industry.

She includes nudes and figurative works in her craft, always intimate and vulnerable.

She often portrays the natural, raw, and unguarded manner of the human body form.

Nan Goldin

A woman in a white towel is laying on top of a woman in a white towel.

Image Credit: Nab Goldin

Nan Goldin is an American photographer and one of the nude photographers who explore themes of sexuality, love, relationships, and the human form.

She is known for her “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency,” a famous nude series. Goldin is always about exposing the raw and unfiltered human experience that somehow challenges the social norm.

Olivier Valsecchi

A man and a woman doing acrobatics in a room.

Image Credit: Olivier Valsecchi

Olivier Valsecchi is a French photographer prominent for his meticulous yet creative way of using lighting and other techniques in post-process.

What comes out is always a stunningly beautiful visual.

He explores themes of identity, transformation, and the human condition.

Pascal Baetens

A statue of a woman standing in the snow.

Image Credit: Pascal Baetens

Pascal Baetens is a Belgian photographer recognized for his creative approach to the human body form.

Known for combining beauty, sensuality, fantasy, and storytelling, his evocative images are truly visually striking and have been exhibited in various galleries and shows.

Ralph Gibson

A black and white photo of a woman's neck.

Image Credit: Composition Gallery

Ralph Gibson is an American photographer influential in fine art photography and conceptual photography.

He is recognized for his minimalist style in capturing the human form giving it elegant and poetic qualities.

His works are often conveyed with a sense of sensuality and mystery.

Rebeca Saray

A nude woman laying on a violin with a parrot on her head.

Image Credit: Rebeca Saray

Rebeca Saray is a Spanish photographer in fantasy and fashion photography.

She has combined works of nude and figurative works.

Her photos include reality and imagination, exploring themes of beauty and transformation.

Rikrivu Banerjee

Three women in lingerie sitting on the floor.

Image Credit: Rikrivu Banerjee

Rikrivu Banerjee is an engineer by profession but also a nude photographer.

He works a full-time job on weekdays and on Sundays, scheduled to be the artist that he is.

His work’s mission is to make his audience re-think the mainstream notions of beauty.

Robert Mapplethorpe

A black and white photo of a naked man.

Image Credit: Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe was an American photographer who took black-and-white and simplicity to the next level. His works often exhibited portraits of the human body.

He was notable for his work, “The X Portfolio.”

Sasha Stone

A black and white photo of a nude woman.

Image Credit: Sotheby’s

Sasha Stone was a famous nude photographer in the 1920s-1930s. Stone and his wife are both photographers, and they have a collection published in a French magazine called Les Femmes.

Stone’s works were usually female nudes showcasing the human body.

He was then famous for his most known cover of the One Way Street book by Walter Benjamin in 1928.

Soraya Taher Zaman

Two women standing on a surfboard in the ocean.

Image Credit: Soraya Taher Zaman

Soraya Taher Zaman is a self-taught New York-based photographer who is curious by nature. She identifies as queer and non-binary, and her works exploring gender and sexuality.

Her famous work is the “American Boys,” showcasing the USA’s trans-masculinity community.

Sophie Harris Taylor

A naked woman standing in front of a window.

Image Credit: Sophie Harris Taylor

Sophie Harris Taylor is a British photographer focused on themes of the human body and intimacy.

Her work beautifully puts human conditions such as skin diseases and scars in a still frame, such as her project, “Epidermis.”

Taylor is celebrated because of her works that show empathy, sensitivity, and authentic emotions.

Tatiana Ivanova

A black and white photo of a woman laying on a bed.

Image Credit: Tatiana Ivanova

Tatiana Ivanova is a Russian photographer who captures both human poses and actions.

Ivanova uses black and white photography, showcasing her dramatic and expressive style.

Her works include women in flirtatious states and photographs with erotic style.

What Makes Great Nude Photography?

Two naked women standing in front of a slatted window.

Dynamic Wang

Nude photography, one of the oldest and most debated genres in the art world, holds a unique position in the tapestry of visual arts.

At its best, it transcends the mere representation of the human body, touching upon deeper themes of vulnerability, intimacy, and our shared humanity.

As an appreciator of fine art nudes, I find that the distinction between mere nudity and an artful representation is nuanced and profound.

Here’s what separates the exceptional from the everyday in the world of fine art nudes:

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1. Intentionality

Every element in the photograph, from lighting to pose, should feel deliberate.

The intentions of the artist should be clear, whether they’re exploring the play of shadows on skin or commenting on societal standards of beauty.

2. Emotion & Vulnerability

The most compelling nude photographs convey a deep sense of emotion, allowing the viewer to connect with the subject on a personal level.

Vulnerability, strength, introspection, or even anguish – the portrayed emotion should draw the viewer in.

3. Composition & Framing

The human body, with its curves and contours, can be a visually dynamic subject.

The arrangement of limbs, the positioning within the frame, and the interplay of positive and negative space can make or break a nude composition.

4. Lighting

Lighting is especially crucial in nude photography. It can highlight textures, emphasize certain body parts, and create mood.

Whether it’s the stark contrast of chiaroscuro or the soft glow of natural light, the lighting should complement the subject and the intended emotion.

5. Context & Setting

The environment in which the nude is photographed can add layers of meaning.

A studio setting can provide a controlled, abstract environment, while a natural setting can place the nude in context, drawing parallels between the human form and the world around it.

6. Respect & Consent

Especially crucial in nude photography is the relationship between the photographer and the subject.

There should be mutual respect and understanding, ensuring that the subject feels safe and valued.

7. Narrative & Symbolism

The best fine art nudes often tell a story or employ symbols that add depth to the image.

They might comment on societal norms, explore personal histories, or draw on historical or mythological references.

8. Technical Mastery

While emotional resonance is vital, a great nude photograph should also exhibit technical excellence.

This includes sharp focus where it’s needed, thoughtful exposure, and post-processing that enhances without overpowering.

9. Universality

Great art resonates across cultures and epochs. Similarly, exceptional nude photographs should tap into universal themes and emotions, making them relatable and impactful, regardless of the viewer’s background.

10. Subtlety & Suggestion

Sometimes, what’s left unseen or only hinted at can be more powerful than full disclosure.

The use of veils, shadows, or selective focus can add an element of mystery, leaving room for the viewer’s imagination.

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