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Portrait | Last Updated: February 9, 2021

Hi! My name is Francisco Hernandez and I’m a portrait photographer based in South Texas who specializes in off camera flash.

When I started photography years ago in 2008 I struggled to learn my camera and even more so when I started adding flash in 2011. After years of that struggle, I finally got skilled enough that I was comfortable sharing what I know with others online in Facebook groups and on my Instagram.

There’s so much to gain from using off camera flash, but also many options as well so I helped whenever I could.

Eventually I garnered a bit of a following from just helping others and started a channel at the end of 2016. Being a big fan of technology I had always considered switching to Sony for its Eye-AF feature since it would be really helpful to me given I’m a big fan of wide aperture prime lenses.

At the start of 2017, I started that path towards Sony.

I loved it so much that I fully switched and told lots of people why in a video on my YouTube channel. I applied to become a Sony Alpha Imaging Collective that year and happy to say I became a member in May.

I’m currently still a member and couldn’t be happier as it allows me to help more and more people throughout the world.

Sony a7R III
As a fan of retouching and having extra file size to work with the Sony a7R III fits all of my needs. The speed, battery life, Eye-AF, and video capabilities are all excellent.

Sony a7 III
Whenever I don’t need that extra resolution of the a7R III, the a7 III is more than capable of taking its place. Also a beast in speed, video, battery, and Eye-AF as well!

Sony RX100 VA
This is my dedicated video camera which I use for vlogging or grabbing extra behind the scenes content for my YouTube channel or Instagram posts. The flip screen makes it so fun to use and helps for framing a shot (check this guide).

Sony 85mm  f/1.8
This is by far the lens I’ve used the most lately. Having used bigger 85mm lenses before I finally realized that this lens is better suited for when I travel. I took it with me to Germany specifically for its lighter body and it didn’t slack in quality or speed.

Sigma Art 105mm f/1.4
On the opposite spectrum of size and weight compared to the Sony 85mm f/1.8, I have this beast of a lens that is the Sigma Art 105mm f/1.4. This is one lens I will suffer for when I travel because the bokeh is absolutely amazing. The speed and image quality are right on par in terms of Sigma Art lenses.

Samyang 35mm f/1.4
A while back I owned the Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 for Canon but when I switched to Sony I sold it which left a gap in my focal ranges. Eventually, after looking for more affordable options, I saw the Samyang offering. The reviews raved about it so I decided to get it and I can tell you from experience it is incredible. Not sure why many people aren’t getting this lens but I hope to sway them to get it. Affordable and amazing isn’t common in photography!

Alter RFS ND filter holder
I was given this for review and can tell you that it seriously helps in speed for putting on a filter. I love it for that because I rarely use filters because they’re a hassle.

Tiffen 67mm Variable ND filter
This filter is one I got for when I need every ounce of my light on a sunny day. Dialing it darker is easy and it’s really helpful for video.

Godox AD400 Pro
My favorite strobe from Godox to date! Lightweight, strong, and compatible with all the Godox lights I own. Uses Bowens mount which is huge for me.

Godox XPro-S
The transmitter I use at every shoot. Simple to use and works amazingly.

Glow EZ Lock 34” Beauty Dish
This modifier is amazing. The size is something I stayed away from for a while thinking it would be too harsh but it’s far from it. Soft beautiful light, very sturdy, the perfect size for windy days, and folds open and closes fast.

Photoflex Litereach Plus
When I need to be portable and have an assistant this is the best monopod I’ve used. It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Peak Design Slide Lite
This strap is a huge improvement over the Sony straps that come with every camera. So comfortable to use.

Peak Design Cuff
Another Peak Design strap that I use for the RX100 VA so I don’t drop it. Really nice on the hands. | @fjhphoto

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