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Wedding | Last Updated: December 10, 2020

Wedding Photography by Gabe McClintock

So who am I?

My name is Gabe McClintock and i am photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I married my best friend 11 years ago and have two little girls who are my everything.

Now, what do I write?

Well, I shoot weddings and on average shoot between 20-25 weddings a year with the majority of them being destinations with amazing couples who love adventure as much as I do. I have also started to shoot boudoir work as a creative outlet for me since it so different than weddings and it has helped me tremendously in the way I look and use light in my photography.

and now what you all are here for…my Shotkit:


Nikon D750 x2 – I made the switch from Canon MKIII’s last fall because I was frustrated with the low light focusing issues I was personally having with my Canon gear. plus with my style becoming a little more on the dark side, the Nikon has an amazing ability to pull details from shadows.

Leica M – I use my Leica 100% for my boudoir work as well as some of my elopements. For my boudoir work, the limitation of it make me look at light much more creatively. The size and discreetness of the Leica gear helps my clients feel more comfortable then if i were to be using a bunch of gear and big camera.

iPhone – I use my iPhone more then any other camera I own as it’s always on me.


Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART – this lens is crazy fast and crazy sharp wide open which is how i shoot it 95% of the time. The only drawback for me is the size and weight of it but the speed and sharpness make up for that.

Nikon 58mm f/1.4 – I origianlly bought the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art as like so many, I had read nothing but good things about it. But for me what i found was it was very clinical…no character. while the sharpness may be a good thing, I personally found there was no smooth focus fall-off like i was used to seeing in my favourite Canon lens, the Canon 50mm f/1.2L.

So i spent the extra almost $1000 to buy the Nikon 58mm f/1.4 and I am in love with it. I use this lens for 90% of my connection sessions and it doesn’t come off during the wedding day. The focus fall off is so incredibly smooth and it is extremely light weight which is great for travelling.

Nikon 85mm f/1.4 – I don’t use this lens that much, but for portraits nothing comes close in the look it delivers. I also use it for ceremonies to get in a little closer if my feet can’t take me there.

Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH – the ultimate leica lens. When I bought my Leica I knew I needed this lens. there is just something magical about shooting the 35 on a Leica RF.

Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH – I bought this lens after a few boudoir sessions where I felt I needed a tighter crop. Having the 35 and 50 combo for the Leica is perfect.


Nikon SB-910 – I bought this because I felt I should have one in my bag just in case. That’s about all i can say about it.

Memory cards:

SanDisk Extreme 32 GB – I bring 6 of these to every wedding


Filson Harvey Backpack – I bought this a few months ago for my destination weddings and absolutely love it. It fits everything I need and having it on my back as opposed to one shoulder helps relieve neck fatigue when hiking around with my couples.

ThinkTank Urban Disguise 50V2 – I’ll use this for my local weddings as with my local weddings they are usually a little more “dressier” so a cargo green backpack isn’t ideal (not shown here).

ONA Bowery – I use this strictly for my Leica, because half the reason we all shoot Leicas is for the looks and I need a bag that looks just as cool. LOL


Bose QC 20i – these are a must have for flying. I put these in, turn on the noise cancelling and the entire world around me goes silent.

Thanks so much Shotkit for this and if you have any questions let me know and i’ll do my best to answer them.

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