Computer, Laptop & Tablet Guides

In the market for a new computer, tablet or laptop but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade and want to drool over the newer models! Whatever the case, you'll find what you need to know right here.

Deciding on what computer, laptop or tablet to buy isn't an easy task. There's a ton of technical jargon to wade through, and usually, the store clerk only wants to sell you the very latest model!

However, one thing's for sure - all photographers and videographers, no matter your standard, need a way to view and edit your photos or video footage... hence the need for a computer of some kind.

These days laptops and tablets are surprisingly powerful, but they're often more expensive than desktop computers (at least laptops are, anyway). Tablets are attractive since they're more portable and look sey without the need for a physical keyboard, but they're not as powerful as desktop computers or most modern laptops.

Here on Shotkit, we've tested tons of different computers, from desktop PCs and Macs to the latest laptops and tablets. We're not favourable to one operating system or the other, knowing that there are many users who prefer the Windows OS over Mac, or vice versa.

Have a browse through our latest computer and tablet reviews and buyers guides and feel free to leave a comment with any question you have before making your investment.