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Best Tablet Camera in 2023: iOS, Android & Windows

Taking a photo with an iPad isn't ideal, but when you have no other options, this guide to the best tablet cameras will help you get the best shot.

This is a guide to the best tablet camera for video and photo opportunities when you’re out and about.

Using a tablet camera isn’t ideal, but when all you have on you is an iPad or Galaxy Tab on hand, it’s better than a missed opportunity.

All of the best tablet cameras offer decent photo and video recording capabilities, but nothing as good as the latest phones.

Nevertheless, if you pair your tablet with the right camera app, you can still get good results.

Photo and video editing is great on a tablet due to the additional screen real estate, especially with apps like Photoshop or Premiere Rush.

Let’s take a closer look at the recommendations.

What is the Best Tablet Camera for Video & Photo in 2023?

Image Product Features
shk2-table__imageApple iPad Pro 2022 12.9″BEST OVERALL
  • Apple M2 8-Core CPU
  • 40 Gb/s Thunderbolt Connectivity
  • Rear 12MP & 10MP Cameras
  • Front 12MP Ultra Wide Camera
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shk2-table__imageApple iPad Pro 2020 11"BEST TABLET CAMERA FOR LOW-LIGHT
  • 10MP Ultra Wide Camera
  • 7MP TrueDepth Front Camera
  • A12Z Bionic Chip with Neural Engine
  • Four Speaker Audio
shk2-table__imageSamsung Galaxy Tab S7+BEST TABLET CAMERA FOR VIDEO CONFERENCING
  • Edge-To-Edge Display
  • TFT LCD Screen,
  • Sync And Send From Any Space
  • Fingerprint Scanner
shk2-table__imageApple iPad Pro 2022 11″BEST TABLET CAMERA UNDER $1000
  • Front 12MP Ultra Wide Camera
  • 40 Gb/s Thunderbolt Connectivity
  • Rear 12MP & 10MP Cameras
  • Apple M2 8-Core CPU
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shk2-table__imageFEONAL Android 11 TabletBEST BUDGET TABLET CAMERA
  • Dual Cameras And Speakers
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • 10.1-inch Tablet Screen Size
  • Octa-Core Processor
shk2-table__imageMicrosoft Surface Pro 9BEST TABLET CAMERA WINDOWS USERS
  • 2880 x 1920 Screen Resolution
  • Thunderbolt 4
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Windows 11 Home
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shk2-table__imageLenovo Tab P12 Pro
  • 12.6" Screen
  • 3.20 GHz Processing Speed
  • Light Weight
  • 6 GB Memory
shk2-table__imageSamsung Galaxy Tab S8 11"
  • 3MP + 6MP Rear Cameras
  • 8000 mAh Built-in Battery
  • Quad Speakers
  • 12MP Ultra-Wide Front Camera
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Apple iPad Pro 2022 12.9″ (Best Overall)

a Apple iPad Pro 2022 12.9 on a green back ground

  • Latest iPadOS 16
  • ProRes video recording
  • 4K and Full HD video capture
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Impressive storage space options
  • A bit pricey
  • No microSD card slot

Powered by Apple’s iPadOS 16, the iPad Pro 2022 promises optimum functionality both for multimedia and productivity use. It’s a handy, all-in-one tablet with top-caliber output for recording videos.

Apple’s ProRes technology, present in this device, is the real game-changer among its features. It gives you high-quality images and helps you in real-time photo editing.

Experts vouch for this feature’s incredible performance for post-production as it retains more details on color, tone, and motion.

Armed with its front-facing 12MP ultrawide camera and “Centre Stage” feature, you won’t have to worry about keeping your subjects in the frame even with constant movement.

Another thing to consider if you’re critical about your viewing experience is its display quality. Video editing on iPad is a fun experience, and the iPad Pro 2022 has a 2388×1668 resolution with stunning sharpness and color contrast.

The screen is also built with a scratch and fingerprint-resistant coating to keep those unwanted blemishes off your device.

Storage-wise, iPad Pro 2022’s range is on top of the game. You can complement its 4GB RAM with SSDs ranging from 128GB to 2TB. This is handy, especially if you often consider using your tablet to shoot videos.

When not editing or taking photos, the device can serve as your digital organizer, a multimedia player, and more.

While it has minimal upgrades compared to its 2021 predecessor, its ProRes technology is a beast in video processing and a must-have for anyone using tablets as a primary videography tool.

Apple iPad Pro 2020 11″ (Best Tablet Camera for Low-Light)

Apple iPad Pro 2020 11" a green background.

  • Impeccable 120Hz screen
  • Takes high-quality photos
  • Excellent camera module placement
  • Effective optical image stabilizer feature
  • A bit expensive
  • Accessories add up to the extra expense

Apple ecosystem users who want a more affordable tablet than iPad Pro 2022 will find this 2020 version an excellent alternative.

It has the largest tablet camera sensor on our list, at 1/3.6 inches, which ensures better details and clarity in your images as it reduces photo distortion and noise.

iPad Pro 2020’s optical image stabilizer is also a significant advantage for ensuring your shots don’t suffer from noticeable blur while in motion.

If you’re into portrait photography, this tablet’s f/1.8 aperture lens gives a sufficient shallow depth of field for giving your subject the best focus.

One considerable upgrade of this tablet is its dual rear camera featuring a 12MP primary lens and 10MP wide-angle lens, a feature familiar in iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 devices.

4K video recording at 60 fps is great, and the zoom functionality between the two lenses is pretty smooth.

Similar to iPad Pro 2022, the 2020 version also has a 2388×1668 resolution liquid retina display and is equipped with Apple’s True Tone technology for adjusting your screen’s display to match your lighting situation.

While it can’t match iPhone’s power in low-light photography, iPad Pro 2020 captured minor details that would otherwise look obscure in most mainstream tablet cameras.

In terms of editing photos, you’d be pleased to know that heavy tools like Photoshop run smoothly, thanks to Apple’s intuitive app optimization.

An affordable iPad that performs well in low-light settings and has an effective image stabilization capability, iPad Pro 2020 11″ delivers quality results for casual photography needs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (Best Tablet Camera for Video Conferencing)

a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ on a green back ground.

  • Superior AMOLED display
  • Excellent speakers
  • High-resolution cameras
  • Free S Pen
  • No audio jack
  • Only one Type-C port

If you’re looking for a portable device with powerful video conferencing features, then Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ should be your go-to option.

Its dual-array microphones and 101 audio system are one of the finest I’ve heard among tablets. Paired with its 8MP ultra-wide, front-facing camera, you get high-quality selfies, essential for video calls at work.

Galaxy Tab S7+ dual rear camera also delivers stunning shots with distinct color capture and decent depth of field.

It supports 4K video recording at 30 fps, traditionally considered the best frame rate for live streaming and post-production editing.

On top of these camera features, you’ll also have access to Samsung’s camera modes, present in its S20 series, like Live Focus, Pro Video, and Single Take.

Regarding display, Galaxy Tab S7+ AMOLED screen with a 2800×1752 resolution is unmatched by all its Android competitors. The visuals are incredibly stunning, with the best color accuracy I’ve seen on tablets.

Another factor that makes this tablet an ace for office and productivity use is its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. Its free S Pen also comes in handy when taking notes or editing photos.

Powerful features aside, Galaxy Tab S7+ puts it all in a sleek, premium build, lighter than a 12.9-inch iPad. If you want a premium Android tablet with the power to match it, this unit is a worthy consideration.

Apple iPad Pro 2022 11″ (Best Tablet Camera Under $1000)

a Apple iPad Pro 2022 11″ on a green background.

  • Stage Manager feature
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6E connectivity
  • LED flash functionality
  • Uses a simpler IPS panel, which isn’t sufficient for an HDR display
  • Expensive accessories

If you’re looking for an iPad priced at less than $1,000 but packed with features present in the brand’s flagship unit, this iPad Pro 2022 11″ is your best shot.

It has most of the 12.9″ specs but in a smaller build and less expensive price point.

Like its 12.9 variation, the 12MP primary camera takes lovely photos, especially for nearby subjects. The unit also has an LED flash feature, which is excellent when working in the dark.

Features are bound to improve as Apple continues to roll out new models every year. This tablet can be your perfect learning opportunity to familiarize the iPad’s full functionality before upgrading.

If mobility and budget are your priority, the iPad Pro 2022 11″ is a powerful and fancy alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

FEONAL Android 11 Tablet (Best Budget Tablet Camera)

FEONAL Android 11 Tablet on a green background.

  • Affordable
  • Has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Long battery life
  • SD and Sim card compartment
  • Some users report issues with touch functionality
  • SD compartment can be difficult to open

A decent camera and a budget-friendly price tag are the core advantages of the FEONAL Android 11 tablet. There’s so much you can do on this affordable tablet at a fraction of the price you’d pay for more established brands.

Its dual 13MP and 5MP cameras take clear photos and videos under natural light. Image quality is significantly affected in dim-lit environments, but this tablet does well enough if you’re mostly shooting outdoors.

The 1280×800 screen resolution gives sufficient image quality, highlighting detailed colors and tones.

Productivity-wise, its wireless keyboard, touch pen, and Type-C cables already come with the package, and it’s a bundle you don’t often see from competitors.

Although it’s fast, bright, and responsive, its overall functionality can’t beat leading smartphones and tablet brands. But its low price is a valid reason to give it a try and see how it performs.

You can’t really beat the price for what FEONAL offers, and if you’re content with taking quality shots, minus all the professional touches of advanced editing, this tablet’s worth the attention.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (Best Tablet Camera Windows Users)

a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 on a green back ground

  • Automatic Framing with Voice Focus feature
  • Optimized for Microsoft environment
  • Comes in Intel & ARM variants
  • Sturdy build
  • No headphone jacks
  • Accessories aren’t included in the bundle

The Microsoft ecosystem is a vast environment, and if you’re already accustomed to most of its tools, Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will be a great Windows tablet companion.

Boasting two cameras at 10MP each, you’ll get sharp, clear photos handy on video calls. While the resolution can’t quite match that of the iPads, you’ll appreciate the excellent autofocus and the 1080p HD recording.

The rear camera is also 4K capable, so you can certainly use it for travel vlogging or short-length video call recording.

Adding a personalized touch to its interface is the Windows Hello authentication feature. The technology allows you to log in to your device using facial recognition (via front-facing camera), fingerprint, or iris scan.

Surface Pro 9 is also equipped with the Automatic Framing and Voice Focus feature that allows the device to keep you within the camera frame when moving while at the same time reducing background noise during video calls.

Consistent with its predecessors, Surface Pro 9 keeps that superb aluminum case build that gives it its sleek and sturdy feel.

With all these features considered, it makes sense for Windows users to get this tablet camera as an accessory. Microsft integration is easy, and you’ll pretty much get familiar with all its functionalities in minutes.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro on a green background

  • 12″ AMOLED screen
  • Competent battery life
  • Free stylus
  • High-quality quad speakers
  • Stylus pressure sensitivity can be improved
  • Software can use an upgrade

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro can be an excellent choice if you’re eyeing a tablet with a big screen, impressive battery, and great speakers for multimedia use.

Camera-wise, it falls under average, with its 13MP wide and 5MP ultra-wide rear cameras delivering decent quality images but nothing impressive compared to its competitors.

Its two 8MP front sensors offer better add-on features with its 3D Time-of-flight (TOF) sensor, ideal for low-light situations.

P12 Pro’s most notable feature is its 12-inch AMOLED screen with 2K resolution that delivers remarkable visual results. This makes it perfect for users who likes streaming and playing video games.

This large screen size can also be your extended screen while on your laptop.

Its Dolby Atmos quad speakers also deserve praise for delivering crisp sounds and maintaining distinct clarity even when you raise the volume.

Powered by Snapdragon 870, the tablet delivers impressive performance on continued usage without overheating or battery-draining issues.

Despite its average camera performance against other tablets, Lenovo Tab P12 Pro will still outmatch most laptop cameras, making it a viable second-display option for your main laptop screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11”

a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11” on a green background

  • Free S-Pen
  • Excellent battery life
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Great sound quality
  • Few software glitches
  • No charger included

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11″ is an excellent mobile all-purpose device that seamlessly combines work and play features in its thin body.

Its 13MP autofocus and 6MP ultra-wide rear cameras capture clear images under natural light. Similarly, its 12MP ultra-wide front camera does well with selfie or portrait shots.

Cameras are also 4K-capable, so you won’t have trouble recording clips and doing minor edits using the free S-Pen.

For video conferencing, you can use Galaxy Tab S8’s Spotlight Feature to zoom out the camera shot to include all people in the call or photo.

Its microphone noise reduction feature is also a plus and works well with platforms like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip processor, Galaxy Tab S8 enjoys uninterrupted power and speed when shifting through apps—still, Android generally pales in pro-level applications compared to iOS, especially in photo editing.

As an all-rounder mobile device, however, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11″ is a capable productivity device that can double as your laptop when in Dex mode.

Compare the Specs of 6 Popular Tablets

Here’s a table to help you compare the cameras of 6 popular tablets.

You should also take into consideration the screen size, weight and other factors to make your choice.

Model Price Screen size Weight Front camera Rear camera Processor RAM Storage Operating system
iPad Air (2022) $599 10.9 inches 461 grams 12MP 12MP Ultra Wide A15 Bionic 6GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB iPadOS 16
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 $799 11 inches 507 grams 12MP 12MP Ultra Wide Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 8GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Android 12
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ $999 12.4 inches 726 grams 12MP 12MP Ultra Wide Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 8GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Android 12
iPad Pro 11″ (2021) $999 11 inches 468 grams 12MP 10MP Ultra Wide M1 8GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB iPadOS 16
iPad Pro 12.9″ (2021) $1,099 12.9 inches 682 grams 12MP 10MP Ultra Wide M1 8GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB iPadOS 16
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 $999 13 inches 891 grams 10MP 10MP Ultra Wide Intel Core i5 8GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Windows

How to Choose Which Tablet to Buy for Taking Photos or Shooting Video

a black and white photo of an ipad and other items.

Shahrouz Nikpoush

When selecting a tablet for taking photos or shooting videos, consider the following factors:

  1. Camera Quality: Look for tablets with high-resolution cameras and advanced camera features. Consider factors like megapixel count, aperture size, image stabilization, and low-light performance to ensure quality photo and video capture.
  2. Video Recording Capabilities: Check the tablet’s video recording capabilities, including maximum resolution, frame rates, and video stabilization. Look for features like 4K video recording and slow-motion capabilities if you require higher-quality videos.
  3. Storage Capacity: Consider the tablet’s storage capacity and whether it can be expanded through memory cards or external storage. Ample storage space is crucial for storing photos and videos, especially when shooting in higher resolutions.
  4. Display Quality and Size: Look for tablets with high-resolution displays that accurately represent colors and details. A larger screen size can provide a better viewing and editing experience, allowing you to assess the quality of your photos and videos more effectively.
  5. Processing Power: Opt for tablets with sufficient processing power to handle photo and video editing tasks smoothly. Look for tablets with capable processors and ample RAM to ensure quick performance when editing and rendering media.
  6. Battery Life: Consider the tablet’s battery life, especially if you plan to shoot for extended periods or while on the go. A longer battery life ensures that you can capture photos and videos without interruptions or the need for frequent recharging.
  7. Software and App Ecosystem: Evaluate the availability and quality of photo and video editing apps on the tablet’s operating system. Check if the tablet supports popular apps like Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, or iMovie, which can enhance your editing capabilities.
  8. Connectivity Options: Consider connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities, depending on your workflow and the need to transfer files or share content on the go. Additionally, assess if the tablet has ports for connecting external devices like microphones or memory card readers.
  9. Size, Portability, and Ergonomics: Evaluate the tablet’s size, weight, and overall ergonomics to ensure comfort during extended shooting sessions. Consider factors like grip, one-handed operation, and any additional accessories available for improved stability and handling.
  10. Budget: Set a budget that aligns with your requirements and consider the value you’ll get from the tablet’s features. Balance your investment with the quality and functionality you need for your photography and videography needs.

Can You Edit Video on a Tablet?

Yep, you can definitely edit videos on a tablet – I do it all the time when I travel.

Here are my tips to optimize your iPad or Android tablet video editing experience:

  1. Choose a powerful editing app that suits your needs and supports the necessary features.
  2. Import your video files to your tablet’s storage or use cloud storage for easy access.
  3. Utilize touch gestures for precise editing, trimming, and arranging clips on the timeline.
  4. Take advantage of built-in effects, transitions, and filters to enhance your videos.
  5. Use a stylus or external keyboard for more precise controls and faster editing.
  6. Optimize your tablet’s storage, battery life, and performance by closing unnecessary apps and clearing cache regularly.
  7. Export your edited videos in the desired format and resolution for sharing or further post-processing.

Should I Get an iPad for Video Editing?

Video editing can be done on any device, but there are legitimate reasons behind people’s interest in using iPad over desktop software.

Ultimately, it boils down to comfort and need. You should consider getting an iPad for video editing when:

  • You’re familiar with iPad functionalities, even the basics.
  • You’re comfortable with tinkering around editing apps to see how they work.
  • You’re often on the go and need a quick editing tool with as much power as advanced editing software on your laptop or PC.
  • You need a video editor that doubles as a task organizer.
  • You want superior color-grading and video rendering on the go.
  • You’re already within the Apple ecosystem and looking for a tablet.

When should you use a tablet camera (over a smartphone or DSLR)

A tablet camera can be useful in specific situations where its advantages come into play:

  1. Large Screen for Composition: The larger screen of a tablet offers a better view of the scene, making it easier to compose shots and ensure proper framing.
  2. Video Conferencing and Content Creation: Tablets are commonly used for video conferencing and content creation, where the built-in camera can be convenient for capturing high-quality photos or videos for presentations or social media content.
  3. Document Scanning: Tablets can serve as portable document scanners, capturing clear and legible scans of documents, receipts, or handwritten notes.
  4. Tabletop Photography: Tablets can be used for tabletop photography, product photography, or flat lay shots, providing a stable platform to capture high-resolution images.
  5. Convenience and Portability: Tablets offer the advantage of being lightweight and easily portable, making them suitable for casual photography when carrying a dedicated camera may not be practical.

However, there are limitations to tablet cameras compared to smartphones or dedicated DSLRs:

  1. Image Quality: Tablet cameras generally have smaller sensors and fewer advanced features, resulting in lower image quality, especially in challenging lighting conditions.
  2. Limited Manual Controls: Tablet cameras often lack manual controls for adjusting exposure, focus, or white balance, limiting creative control over the final image.
  3. Size and Handling: Tablets are larger and bulkier than smartphones, making them less comfortable to hold and use as cameras for extended periods.
  4. Low-Light Performance: Due to their smaller sensors, tablet cameras may struggle in low-light situations, resulting in noisy or grainy images.
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