Gimbal & Stabilizer Guides

Are you looking for a new gimbal or stabilizer but not sure where to start? Camera stabilizers are essential for creating smooth video footage here in 2023. These guides will help you choose the best gimbal or stabilizer for your needs, as well as offer some helpful advice on how to use them.

A camera stabilizer or gimbal stabilizes your footage when recording film and video by acting as a kind of counter-balance to your movements.

Sometimes, camera stabilization is as easy as placing your camera on a hard surface or using your camera’s straps. However, for professional results, we recommend you use a dedicated camera stabilizer or gimbal, which attached to your camera to counteract any unwanted movements.

Modern smartphones use complex software to stabilize video footage as it is being recorded, and some modern mirrorless cameras can do the same. However, in-camera image stabilization results in a cropping of the frame, and often means you're unable to shoot at 4K.

With a stabilizer or gimbal, however, since it's a hardware product that you attach to your camera, no cropping of the final footage occurs, and you're free to film in 4k or even 8k as you wish.

Gimbals and stabilizers range in price, with some affordable options that are perfect for newcomers to movie making who may be on a strict budget, and more advanced models that can cost many thousands of dollars. You do get what you pay for, but in our buyers' guides, you should find something that suits your budget.