More Bag Reviews

Are you looking for a great new camera bag? We’ve done the hard work for you by researching and reviewing an extensive range of the latest and greatest bags. Check out the camera bags used each day by the photographers featured on Shotkit, who rely on a broad range of gear carrying options.

Every bag developed for carrying camera gear should meet four core elements - comfort, style, practicality and budget.Choosing a camera bag is a personal journey as everyone has specific requirements and tastes. A good bag has to be comfortable, as camera gear is often heavy - especially when carried over great distances.

No matter what genre, a successful photographic experience is aided with the right camera bag.

Environmental considerations must also be made to ensure that a bag can withstand the elements. Build quality, durability and weather-sealing are just as important as how much gear it can hold. Storing expensive camera gear safely is the key role of any bag. Having adjustable and even removable camera inserts is also critical.

One thing is certain - there’s no such thing as the perfect camera bag, but with our guides, we’ll help you get closer to finding the right product for you.