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Mosiso Camera Backpack Review (Sub-$80 Bag for Photographers)

Does this cheap-yet-rugged camera backpack live up to the hype? We took it out in for a real-world spin to find out. Read our review.

Camera backpacks are notoriously expensive, but the Mosiso Camera Backpack aims to provide style and protection for under US$80.

Does this backpack really live up to that hype? (3,500+ positive Amazon reviews!)

Mosiso Camera Backpack
Mosiso Camera Backpack

Impressively made, stylish and comfortable, all for an unbeatable price.

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I take my camera gear to some pretty demanding shooting locations, and I’ve tested out all types of camera bags from big-name brands like Lowepro.

I’ll be testing this Mosiso brand bag under the same conditions as I would its big-budget competitors.

I’m still on my quest to find the perfect camera backpack for any photography situation.

Let’s see how the Mosiso Camera Backpack performs, so you can decide whether or not this backpack is right for you.

What is the Mosiso Camera Backpack?

a person with a blue backpack on their back.

Image Credit: Maddie Bomher

  • Great quality for budget
  • Holds plenty of gear
  • Internal padding is thick yet lightweight
  • Tripod cup
  • 16-inch laptop compartment
  • Over 12 different color options
  • Internal dividers could have a tighter fit
  • Faux-leather material scuffs easily

The Mosiso bag is a budget camera backpack designed to offer capable storage and a slightly more refined style without compromising on a low price point.

This is your basic camera backpack, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a few frills here and there.

This bag is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to dip into their photography budget just to get a new camera backpack.

It’s going to be more than capable for almost any shooting condition outside of lengthy wilderness trips in tough weather.

As of this review, the Mosiso Camera Backpack has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, but let’s take a closer look at how this bag performs during some real-world testing.

Mosiso Camera Backpack Specs

MOSISO Camera Backpack Specification
Material Nylon, Faux-Leather
External Dimensions 17.32 x 11.8 x 7.5 inch (43.9 cm x 29.9 cm x 19.05 cm)
Internal Dimensions 15.75″ x 11.42″ x 5.91″ (40 cm x 29 cm x 15 cm)
Weight 1.6 lbs (0.73 kg)
Laptop Compartment Size Fits up to 17-inch laptop
Tripod Holder Yes
Adjustable Dividers Yes
Side Stretch Water Bottle Pocket Yes
Zippered Security Pocket Yes
Interior Organizer Yes
Chest Strap Yes
Waist Belt Yes

Design and Build Quality

a person holding a blue suitcase on a wooden fence.

I often hang my bags on a fence or a tree for easier access while on a shoot, and this backpack didn’t take any damage from that.

I have a trait that I think is very common among photographers: I’m a little wary about trusting my camera gear to anything that could be described as “budget.”

My camera bag will be holding hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of gear. Gear that I depend on for not just my work, but my art. Shouldn’t I be spending just as much to keep it safe?

Well, the Mosiso Camera Backpack is a friendly reminder that budget and quality can go hand-in-hand – even for photography gear.

I’ve taken the Mosiso out for a few trips for photo shoots in a busy city environment as well as a day trip to the woods. I’m confident that this bag will be able to protect my camera equipment, even if it won’t be the bag that I take backpacking.

The Mosiso has a modular main compartment that you can rearrange to store whatever gear you need. It’s got plenty of room for a variety of lenses, multiple camera bodies, and even a drone or audio equipment.

I did find that some of the modular padding fit a little loosely and at odd angles. However, this could be because I didn’t pack the bag entirely full and there were a few compartments that were still empty.

The bag has a sturdy nylon construction and a water-resistant back cover. That cover is made out of a faux leather material that tends to scuff easily.

That said, I don’t mind a few scuffs on my bag since they give it a little character.

I was really impressed by the ergonomics of this bag. It fits well on my back with minimal adjustment.

The straps, padding, and general design made wearing this backpack comfortable even when loaded up with more photography gear than I needed.

I also really appreciate the style of this backpack. Most camera backpacks tend to have a monochrome, militaristic look.

The Mosiso Camera Backpack takes a bold step in a new direction – it’s definitely something a bit more stylish than your average camera bag.

Storage Capacity and Compartments

a backpack propped up against a traffic sign in the dirt.

Plenty of room for all your gear and durable enough to hold onto it.

The total amount of storage compartments is one area where you’ll start to see the budget of this backpack kick in. You’ve only got your main compartment, a laptop storage compartment, and a small zippered side pocket.

The main compartment is just as spacious as you’d expect from a high-end Lowepro bag. There’s plenty of room in here for all of the photography gear you’re going to need, whether you’re shooting a wedding or filming a music video.

The main compartment also has some thick padding. I’m pretty confident that I could have dropped my bag from standing height and all of my gear would have been safe.

However, I don’t think I’d test that one with any camera bag!

The laptop compartment holds up to a 17-inch laptop. I was able to get my MacBook Pro in there with no problem, and I had some extra room left over to throw a few charging cables in that pocket as well.

There’s a small zipper pocket on the side of the bag. It’s attached to the tripod cup and has an interesting design and location.

It’s a great pocket for anything that you need quick access to, like a microfiber cloth, bus pass, or credit card.

That’s it for the compartments on the Mosiso Camera Backpack.

If you’re tired of bags with dozens of zippers and an equal number of strange compartments, this Mosiso bag offers you the minimalism you’re looking for.

Protection and Security Features

a close up of a bag with a water bottle in it.

The water bottle pocket folds down if you prefer a slim profile.

The Mosiso Camera Backpack has a few additional features that I want to highlight in my review.

The water bottle pocket was impressive and able to hold a pretty sizable water bottle.

It held my large water bottle without compressing the main compartment of the bag, which means you don’t have to compromise internal storage space even if you want to take a large water bottle with you on a shoot.

a close up of a camera tripod in a backpack.

Home from a long day of shooting and the tripod cup did just fine.

The tripod cup has one of the best designs I’ve seen for this feature.

Most tripod cups are awkward little pouches that you have to clip onto your bag in addition to any other straps you need to tie the tripod down.

For the Mosiso Camera Backpack, the tripod cup has a unique fold-away design. You can pop it out when you need to hold your tripod or leave it folded away when you don’t.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

a person kneeling down with a camera in a bag.

Image Credit: Maddie Bomher

I found the Mosiso Camera Backpack to be very accessible and easy to use.

The minimalism of this Mosiso bag is definitely in its favor when it comes to ease of use. There are no over-designed features getting in between you and handling your camera equipment.

There’s just a thought-out main compartment, and that’s that.

You do have to take this backpack off to quickly, and safely, access your camera equipment. However, with a bag of this size, and at this price point, that’s to be expected.

Comfort and Portability

a backpack sitting on the ground next to a fence.

These straps did a great job of keeping my back comfortable while running around with what was possibly too much camera gear.

The Mosiso Camera Backpack is surprisingly lightweight and very comfortable.

The padding on this backpack isn’t just reserved for your camera equipment; it’s also for your back and shoulders.

I carried the bag all day and felt that the weight was evenly distributed and well-cushioned.

The backpack also offers a rigid design. It holds its shape even if the bag is completely empty.

I like this feature since it makes the bag easier to stow away in an overhead compartment if you’re traveling.

I also didn’t have to worry about things slipping and tipping around while I was taking the bag on and off.

Versatility and Travel-Friendliness

a blue backpack sitting on top of a wooden floor next to other camera gear.

I was able to fit all of this into the bag and could have easily added more.

This bag has something of an open-concept design that makes it incredibly versatile.

The Mosiso Camera Backpack is also very travel friendly. It’s well within the dimensions for a carry-on bag on most airlines.

Speaking of air travel, the simple design of this bag also makes it very easy to get your electronics in and out when going through airport security.

I was able to pack my main camera body, several lenses, a few LED lights, some audio gear, and a few more odds and ends. Even with all of that equipment in this bag, I still had room left over that I could have used to grab another lens or two.

Organization and Accessibility of Accessories

I put a lot of emphasis on the minimalism of this bag, but there are two additional inside pockets perfect for your accessories.

The back cover of the backpack opens up when you unzip the main compartment.

The inside of that back cover features two pockets that are perfect for your photography and videography accessories.

That’s where I threw my microfiber cleaning cloth, some extra batteries, and a few memory cards.

How I Tested the Mosiso Camera Backpack

a man with a backpack walking down a street.

Image Credit: Maddie Bomher

I wanted to give this backpack a comprehensive test. Since it does come in at a friendly price point, I wanted to make sure that it would be good for city travel as well as something a bit more rugged.

I took this backpack on a day shoot through a downtown neighborhood in a major city.

The fashion and functionality worked together in that setting, making this bag a great choice for wedding, event, and studio photographers on a budget.

I also wanted to put this back through something a bit tougher. I took it on an early morning shoot through a bird sanctuary and wilderness area.

It held up very well in that environment, but that’s where the faux leather back got a few scuffs.

I don’t mind a little character on a well-used camera bag, but I know some readers are going to prefer a bag that can retain a pristine appearance a bit longer.


The Mosiso Camera Backpack is in an interesting space when it comes to your alternative options.

Plenty of bags that compete with this one have a higher price point. The Lowepro Protactic is one of the best camera backpacks out there, but it’s also much more expensive than the Mosiso Camera Backpack.

You’ve also got more niche, industry bags like those available from Cinebags. However, those bags are also coming in at a price point well above what this bag costs.

With that said, here’s a quick list of a few of the more popular alternatives for this bag.

  • Lowepro Flipside
  • Lowepro Tahoe
  • Lowepro Protactic
  • Canon EDC-1

As I said, picking the alternatives for the Mosiso Camera Backpack is a bit of a challenge.

The closest bag to this one is probably the Lowepro Protactic, but that costs three or four times as much as this bag.

Other budget bags are much closer to a regular backpack with a camera compartment than a dedicated camera backpack.

In the world of budget camera gear, it’s all about balancing features and trade-offs.

Price and Value for Money

The Mosiso Camera Backpack offers solid value for the money.

The price of this Mosiso backpack is less than US$80 on Amazon!

This is about as low as you can go for a decent camera backpack unless you’re shopping secondhand.

The designers behind the Mosiso Camera Backpack definitely made the right decision by focusing on build quality and a minimalist design rather than trying to create a flimsy backpack that was feature packed.


Are expensive camera bags worth it?

Expensive camera bags are definitely worth it if you want a high-quality bag that’s packed with additional features. There are budget camera bags out there that have fewer features, but still retain a high build quality.

Can I use a regular backpack as a camera backpack? 

As long as your camera fits, you can use any backpack as a camera bag. The biggest challenge you’ll face using a regular bag to carry your camera gear is making sure that all of your equipment is protected from wear and tear.

Mosiso Camera Backpack Review | Conclusion

The Mosiso Camera Backpack caught me by surprise. It’s not every day you find a camera backpack at this price point that’s so high quality.

It’s definitely a minimalist bag with a few quirks here and there, but this is a solid camera backpack for anyone who’s more interested in putting that extra money towards something like a new lens.

Mosiso Camera Backpack
Mosiso Camera Backpack

Impressively made, stylish and comfortable, all for an unbeatable price.

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Ashley is a photographer, writer, and film critic. When Ashley’s not writing essays on photography, cinema, and theory, he’s out taking pictures with retro film cameras.

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