Nikon Camera Reviews

Nikon offers a diverse lineup of cameras for beginners, semi-professionals and professional photographers. Shotkit features entertaining reviews and guides written by professional photographers, to help you learn everything you need to know before buying a Nikon camera.

Prosumer and pro DSLR cameras are how Nikon is best known. More recently, the brand also moved into the mirrorless camera market, with their first release in 2018 of the Z6 model. Since then, they’ve unveiled the Z7 and Z50 mirrorless cameras, popular with both amateurs and pros.

Currently, there are 16 Nikon DSLR cameras and 3 mirrorless bodies with full-frame or APS-C sensors. Aside from these professional and prosumer models, Nikon offers dozens of reliable compact digital cameras for the budget consumer market under its Coolpix trademark.

Nikon cameras can be divided into those with FX (Full-frame) sensors, and those with DX (APS-C) sensors. Nikon offers a broad range of F-Mount lenses for DSLR, and Z-Mount for mirrorless.