Lighting Reviews

Want to learn about the best lighting for photography? These reviews will help you make the best investments in your lighting gear. Lighting is one of the aspects of photography that’s most important and yet most confusing.

Without light, there can be no image. But knowing which artificial light sources to use and how to set them up is daunting – even for some professional photographers.

In these reviews, you’ll find out about a wide range of lighting products and whether they’re worth the purchase. Because no-one wants to spend money on gear that sits in a cupboard collecting dust.

All the gear in our lighting reviews is tested out in real-world conditions, by professional photographers. They’ll dig into how each piece of equipment can be used, who it’s best for, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

These reviews cover everything from LEDs to strobes, speedlights to modifiers... to other little lighting gadgets you didn’t even know existed.

Check them out and you’ll be on your way to investing wisely and creating the lighting setup of your dreams.