Gilmar Smith

Fine Art | Last Updated: February 9, 2021

Hi, my name is Gilmar Smith and I am a creative and conceptual photographer (tips) based in Orlando, Florida. My biggest passion is working with kids.

Children have a magical sense of wonder and creativity and I love adding that to their images. When I create with kids, I try to let them take the Creative Director role. That way, they can express themselves freely.

With this approach I’m making sure I’m preserving their childhood and imagination in the images we create together.

Working with kids, and being a mom of two amazing creative kids myself, has taught me to approach photography differently. My photography style is very colorful and humorous, and that’s what I bring out in my clients’ sessions.

I first started photography about seven years ago as a hobby, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to pursue photography full time. Since then, I have had the pleasure to work photographing performers, musicians, comedians, artists, and wonderful kids while still creating magical images with my own kids.

My camera of choice is a Nikon Z7 along with a Z 24-70mm f/4 lens. I also own a beautiful Lensbaby Sol. This lens makes beautiful dreamy pictures.

When it comes to tripods, I own a 3 Legged Thing Leo and a 3 Legged Thing Billy; I pair them with a 3 Legged Thing Zelda L- Bracket.

In my bag, I also always carry my Platypod Ultra and my Platypod Max. These little tools allow me to place my camera in places you’d never think I could. They also come in handy in places where tripods are not allowed.

My Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket keeps my precious memory cards safe and handy.  I also always carry a TetherTools Onsite Power Bundle. This kit is a lifesaver on location. With it, I can make sure my laptop, camera batteries and even my phone are always charged.

My Tethertools cable is also always with me. I try to shoot tethered whenever it is possible.

One of my favorite tools I carry in my bag is my MIOPS Smart Trigger. It is a very versatile tool. It connects with my phone via Bluetooth, and I use it when I shoot self-portraits or for pretty much any other scenario.

My Spekular Lights by Spiffy gear are small, versatile, light and so easy to carry. I use them for video or when I want to be more creative and shoot with constant light.

Last but not least is my Macbook Pro and my Wacom Intuos Pro small tablet. With these two, I make magic happen in Photoshop. | @gilmarsmith

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