A camouflaged camera on the side of a tree.

20 Smart Ways to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight

Discover practical tips for discreetly hiding a camera in your home or office, ensuring effective surveillance without drawing attention.

Whether it’s for home security or baby monitoring, you may have wondered how to hide a camera for concealed filming.

In today’s world, where safety and security are paramount, using hidden cameras has become increasingly common.

In this guide, I’ll discuss a few tips for hiding a camera in plain sight.

From choosing the right equipment to finding the perfect spot, I’ll cover all the bases to help you achieve your surveillance goals discreetly and effectively.

So, let’s explore the art of invisibility in surveillance and ensure your peace of mind with these clever tips and tricks.

How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight

Before diving in more, remember that it’s illegal and unethical to invade a person’s privacy.

Do not place cameras in bedrooms, bathrooms, or other spaces where privacy is critical.

You should also check if it’s illegal to take pictures of people in public where you live, too.

In the case of baby monitoring, Airbnb guest monitoring, or nanny cams, you can place hidden security cameras in nurseries or more common spaces that aren’t necessarily private.

Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the local laws to avoid any legal issues, and make sure to be transparent with guests and nannies about where security cameras are located.

Let’s discuss how to hide security cameras for ethical hidden filming.

10 Creative Places to Hide a Camera Indoors

There are many excellent places to hide a camera indoors when you’re home and even traveling.

Bookshelves and kitchen hutches are excellent spots for hiding security cameras because they will blend in with their surroundings — camouflaged by books, coffee cups, and other everyday items.

Let’s dive into specific spots to hide a camera indoors.

1. Hotel rooms

A bed in a hotel room with a view of the city.

When traveling and staying in an unfamiliar place, you may be worried about theft.

For this reason, hidden security cameras in your hotel room may be a good way to wash that worry away.

2. Cubby bookcases

A toddler playing with toys in a room.

If you have a playroom, you likely have cubby bookcases with many compartments like the one shown above.

The sturdy design of these cubbies makes them the perfect spot to hide cameras if you want to discreetly film your child at play, whether it’s for your peace of mind or to intervene if they look like they’re in danger.

Placing security cameras on or within these cubbies will also allow you to see how your nanny interacts with your child during everyday activities.

3. Bookshelves

A room with bookshelves and a tv.

Placing security cameras on top of a bookshelf or buried within one of the shelves is a stellar way to install a home security camera discreetly.

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High areas and corners are best for setup because they tend to give the full scene in front of you.

4. Storage chests

A white hutch with potted plants on top.

Like bookshelves, storage chests or display cabinets like hutches and china cabinets offer another way to conceal cameras.

Hutches tend to be tall and display various items that allow security cameras to blend in.

5. Desk shelves

A desk with lights and a laptop on it.

Whether your camera is built into the design of the desk or installed above it, desk shelves offer another great way to capture footage discreetly for home security purposes.

Security cameras fit perfectly on top of any surface or shelf, so if you have a desk near an entrance, it’s ideal!

6. Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Like the other high-shelf options, the kitchen cabinet method relies on height and stability for placement.

You can easily record activities that occur near patio doors if you place security cameras on top of your kitchen cabinet.

7. Decorative Lanterns

A white lantern sits on a table.

Placing hidden security cameras inside décor that rests on a high shelf or corner is another great way to capture pictures or video at home.

Plenty of lanterns and decorative bird cages can discreetly hold a small security camera, so give it a shot!

8. Entertainment Centers

A modern living room with wooden walls and a fireplace.

Aside from being the focal point of your living room, an entertainment center is a great spot for security cameras and pesky security camera wires.

Because many have shelves that allow you to conceal both wires and cameras, entertainment centers are ideal for all kinds of security cameras.

9. Windows

A cat looking at a squirrel through a window.

Mounting security cameras inside windows and facing outward is an excellent way to add security around your home or even to monitor squirrels or birds grabbing a snack in your backyard.

10. Entryways

A hallway with a shoe rack and a wooden floor.

A security camera can also easily be installed above hallways and entryways.

Higher placement here allows for better coverage and because they’re also points of high traffic, you will have a lot to observe!

5 Creative Places to Hide a Security Camera Outside

If you’re looking for unique ways to enhance your home security, then this section has your name all over it!

Let’s explore some ways to hide security cameras outside.

1. Around Door Exteriors

An orange building with a white door and windows.

The exterior of a front door is another prime spot for installing security cameras discreetly.

Various kinds of cameras can be hidden or mounted inconspicuously on the trim lining your front door.

2. Under Eaves 

The roof of a red building with a blue sky.

The eaves of your roof make the perfect spot for a hidden security system while also providing full coverage of your home and yard.

Just make sure to test your camera as soon as you install it to steer clear of any obstructions.

3. On Trees

A camera mounted on a tree in the woods.

The best outdoor security camera will be durable to withstand weathering, allowing it to operate in rain or shine.

The best models will also provide motion detection and be able to record audio.

Because trees are full of limbs and leaves, they’re innately good hiding spots for a small security camera, so be sure to mount the security camera in a way that lets it hide behind foliage.

4. On Garage Exteriors

A bicycle is parked in front of a wooden garage door.

Garage exteriors are also great for hiding a security camera in plain sight because of their prime location, typically at the end of the walkway leading up to your home.

This will let you film people who approach or home and even potential intruders.

5. Behind Rain Gutters

You can also mount cameras behind your rain gutters for security monitoring of your own home.

Gutters can also help keep your camera shielded from the elements

5 Everyday Objects You Can Hide Security Cameras Inside

If you thought security cameras were limited to indoor and outdoor entryways, think again!

Heaps of everyday items are security camera hiding spots for monitoring your home, tenants, or Airbnb guests.

Let’s dive in.

1. Tissue Box

A box of tissue paper sitting on top of a table.

Many tissue boxes are large enough to accommodate a mini spy camera.

And because they’re designed for easy placement on counters, they offer the stability your security camera needs.

2. Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors make a wonderful spot for sheltering a security camera.

Because they’re high up, they can provide a full view of their space while staying in plain view.

3. Picture Frames

A picture frame is another everyday object where you can hide security cameras.

Frames and other decorations often have integrated compartments where you can easily place security cameras.

4. Stuffed Animals

A sock monkey sitting on a wooden table.

Stuffed animals are another everyday object that can double as a security camera hiding spot.

Whether you’re monitoring a playroom or your home entryway, a stuffed animal can undoubtedly house a hidden camera inside.

5. Solar Panels

Other everyday objects where you can hide a camera include a solar panel.

Because solar panels are typically installed on roofs, they can certainly help hide a security camera wire free.

How to Hide a Camera in a Wall (Step-By-Step Guide)

If you’re looking for the most discreet way to hide indoor security cameras, consider placing a security camera within a wall.

As always, keep legal and ethical factors in mind before starting, making sure to be transparent and to have the consent of those being filmed.

Here’s how you can effectively hide a mini camera in a wall:

  • Choose a small camera that can easily blend in with its surroundings.
  • Pinpoint a spot on the wall that offers a clear view of your space while also being able to conceal your spy security camera — think about wall décor or the frames of some artwork.
  • Place the camera in a strategic position that offers a clear line of sight and install it according to its specific instructions.
  • Conduct a trial run and test the camera to ensure optimal surveillance without obstructions and ensure it’s securely attached.

You could even pick a model that’s designed to look like an outlet or one that looks like a Glade plug-in, like this Pefecon model.

How to Hide a Camera in a Mirror (Step-By-Step Guide)

Again, as long as you’re being transparent and keeping legal and ethical factors at the forefront, you can easily hide a camera in your mirror.

Here’s how:

  • Start by choosing a small camera that can easily be hidden.
  • Next, pick a mirror with sturdy frames or built-in compartments for secure, subtle security camera placement.
  • Then, place the camera in a strategic position that offers a clear line of sight and install it according to its specific instructions.
  • Do a trial run and test the camera to ensure optimal surveillance without obstructions and ensure it’s securely attached to the mirror.

How Do You Hide a Camera That Needs to Be Plugged In?

If your security camera needs to be plugged in, you may wonder how to hide the wires and the security camera itself!

Here’s how you can hide a security camera that needs to be plugged in:

  • Pick an easily concealed camera that’s designed to look like everyday items, like this Know Your Nanny model.
  • Place the camera in a high-traffic area, like on a kitchen table or kitchen shelves.
  • If your camera isn’t wireless, hide the power cables by placing them along baseboards or behind the shelves.
  • Or invest in cable concealers that allow them to seamlessly blend into walls and ceilings to hide the security camera wires better.
  • Secure the camera and start recording.

How to Hide a Camera On a Child

If you want to monitor your child at school to observe how he or she interacts with other children or perhaps to see how a nitpicky teacher engages with them, I’ve got you covered!

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Tons of tiny security cameras can be placed on children’s clothing for discreet monitoring in plain sight.

  • Start by picking a small body cam that can be hidden in a pen or attached to clothing, like this wireless HowKow camera.
  • Install the app that corresponds to your specific camera.
  • Start recording!

What Is the Most Discreet Camera?

There are so many options for hiding security cameras in plain sight, and the best ones are designed with discretion in mind.

Below are some of the most discreet security cameras:

Are Hidden Cameras Legal?

This guide notes that privacy must be at the forefront if you plan to capture content inconspicuously.

While this article is written to help those monitor their home and children, please consider the following legal factors:

  • Depending on your state or country, you’ll need to be aware of the privacy laws specific to your location.
  • Don’t try to film things in your workplace if you’re unfamiliar with your company’s rules. If you’re trying to catch a coworker doing something illegal or wrong, your best bet would be to notify HR.
  • Be mindful of your content: you shouldn’t shoot anything for payback or other petty reasons.

FAQs About Hidden Security Cameras

Can I hide a camera in my own bedroom?

Yes, as long as everyone who enters your bedroom gives consent and there aren’t any local laws prohibiting this.

Can hidden cameras work without WiFi?

Yes! Most hidden cameras operate with removable memory cards.

What is the best spy camera without WiFi?

This Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Charger is the best one I’ve seen.

Are there undetectable spy cameras?

Yes, many spy cameras are designed for discreet filming, so many models are designed to blend in with their surroundings or to be worn.

Is there a hidden camera app that really works?

Yes, the Hidden Camera Detector App by Google gets high marks.

Do hidden cameras have audio?

This depends on which brand and model you choose, but typically, yes.

What is the easiest spy camera to install?

I prefer body cams since they can easily attach to clothing.

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