Hilarious SIgma Lens reviews

Hilarious Sigma Lens Reviews

You've got to check out these hilarious Sigma lens reviews of the Sigma 200-500mm missile launcher of a lens!! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Being British, I’m a massive fan of sarcasm. Actually, I’m pretty sure whatever country you’re from, you can appreciate sarcasm, especially when it’s used for comedic effect!

Recently I stumbled across an Amazon product listing for the Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 ultra-telephoto zoom lens for DSLR cameras.

Even if you don’t scroll down far enough to read the reviews, the sight of the lens itself will bring a smile to your face.

More ‘missile launcher’ than zoom lens, this is one enormous lens that’ll dwarf even the biggest DSLR…. and its owner! The fact that it’s painted army-green just adds to its ridiculousness…

Funny Sigma Lens reviews

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Let’s not make too much fun of the lens itself though – creating a 200-500mm fixed aperture zoom is no mean feat… even if it does weigh a colossal 34.61lbs (15.6kgs). Kudos to Sigma for getting this one to market – I can’t wait to see it out in the wild!

Ludicrous appearances aside, it’s the price of this Sigma 200-500mm lens that’s attracted so many Internet trolls to the listing.

SIgm 200-500mm review

“Sigma lens on a Kodak Instamatic”

Clocking in at an eye-watering $25,999, you’ll be glad for free shipping with Amazon Prime!!

Amazon reviews are unique in that those who haven’t purchased the product can still leave their thoughts and a star rating for all to read.

Unsurprisingly, out of all the 100+ comedians who’ve left a review, I’ve only seen one marked ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’… and it smells pretty damn fake to me!

Sigma 200-500mm lens review

Hmmm.. seems legit!!

Below are some of my favourite quotes from all the hilarious reviews. Make sure you check out the product page here to read them all, and please remember to use my Amazon links when purchasing the lens… :p

Finally, I decided it was time to upgrade from my iPhone to some serious equipment… so I took the plunge and bought this lens with money I scraped together from some scholarships, from my grandparents’ will, and from twenty years of donating plasma every month.

– Amazon Customer, May 15, 2018

I mostly use it for street photography and weddings, plus the occasional boudoir photoshoot… Auto-focus is fast and smooth, and is achieved via a customized car battery…. Try it on government installations, water treatment plants, the white house, and military bases!

– Matthew Lalaon, May 18, 2015

I own a canon crop lens DSLR with the kit lens which cannot go beyond 55mm. Hence I badly needed this lens. I live with 2 room mates. We all unanimously decided to sell one kidney each. With the money we bought this beautiful lens. Infact we had 5K left with us which we used for the tripod.

– Mangoon, May 21, 2014

I was lucky enough to find one of these on the verge during my local suburb’s bulk waste throw-outs. Didn’t know what it was at first, but since finding out I have developed a great passion for photography.

– Matthew Dwyeron, March 14, 2018

Great product. I use it to make mashed potatoes.

– Aaron Boulgeron, January 24, 2015

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