Is iMovie a Good Video Editor?

It's hard to ignore the free Mac video editing software iMovie. It's been around for years and has millions of happy users. However, is it good enough for you?

iMovie is a handy video editing app that you can download both on your Windows and Apple computers.

It’s completely free and offers a variety of tools that most casual users find convenient. But is iMovie a video editor?

iMovie is a great video editor for those who are looking for casual video editing apps.

It has a variety of options and an easy interface for beginners to start out their journey. It however won’t do too well for more advanced users.

What can it do? And what to do if you feel you’ve outgrown it but need an app like it? We’re here for you.

How Good Is iMovie Video Editor?

iMovie is a nice editing app for those who are just starting out.

It’s definitely not the best video editing software for moviemaking, but it offers many video editing options without overly complicating the interface.

If you have a family video that you want to edit or a new YouTube channel to which you want to upload quality videos, iMovie could be a great option for you.

Besides the basic trimming, adding filters, and speed-changing options, you’ll have some great features like:

  • Adding voiceovers or background music.
  • Adding transitions anywhere in the clip. You get to choose how long the transitions last.
  • Using the Ken Burns Effect.
  • Adding titles and text.
  • Stabilization and volume adjustments.
  • Audio filters.
  • Zooming options.

Is iMovie Good for Professional Use?

iMovie isn’t designed for professional use. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that most people can understand without too much help.

However, you won’t be able to edit videos on iMovie professionally.

If you’re a Mac user, and you want a professional video editing app with the same essence as iMovie, then go ahead and try Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s also designed by Apple and provides many professional-grade options like multicamera scene syncing and team collaboration.

It also supports 4K resolution. Keep in mind that despite having the same manufacturer as iMovie, Final Cut Pro isn’t as easy to use. 

Will I Outgrow iMovie?

The answer to that question is highly subjective. If you’re relying on iMovie for personal use, it’ll serve you just fine.

It’ll always provide some new ideas for family or personal videos.

It’s also a great starting app if you’re aiming to start a social media video channel.

However, a social media platform like YouTube is highly competitive.

There will be a point when you feel like you’ve hit a wall with iMovie. In that case, a more sophisticated video editing app could be more feasible.

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The Verdict

iMovie is a good video editor hands down. It’ll give you everything you need to edit a video from scratch, as long as you’re not using it professionally.

However, if you are making a living out of video editing, iMovie, despite being a decent app, could be a little underwhelming.

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