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Family & Maternity | Last Updated: May 17, 2021

I’m Jayme Lang, and I photograph families and weddings in Vancouver B.C. I have been shooting for about a decade. What started as a hobby for me very quickly grew into something so much more.

As a family & wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture authentic, intimate moments. I don’t tell people how to pose or smile. I create environments where people can simply be themselves and express the way they truly feel.

I really strive to just document the beauty in people’s lives in a very real and candid way. I have always shot Nikon, I started off with a little Nikon 3500 and then things grew from there and over the years, my gear got more professional.

One of the things that works for me is keeping it simple. I’m not a huge gear person, I like what I like and I keep it very minimal. If I’m working with a family, I’ll always use my 35mm or maybe throw on my 50mm 1.4 for those sweet little baby details.

When I’m photographing a wedding, I usually have my 35mm on one camera & then swap between an 85mm 1.4 and a 50mm 1.4 on the other… With the occasional 24-70mm add on.


Nikon D750: Such a great clean and crisp camera that produces really lovely tones. The Nikon D750 is also so great in low-light which is something I really rely on since a lot of my family sessions take place in family homes and light can be unpredictable.

Nikon D700: I have a few of these old cameras and I just can’t give them up. Actually, over time, as one stops working I find myself buying another one secondhand. There is something kind of gritty about the images that I get from it. I especially love it for details shot at 1.4.


Sigma 35mm f/1.4: My go-to lens for my candid and documentary work. I almost always reach for this lens when photographing families. I love how clean and sharp it is and it’s honestly just a very reliable lens.

It’s the perfect lens for working with families because it gives me enough room to fit everything in the frame, but it is also so lovely when I’m up close!

Nikon 50mm f/1.4: Another portrait go-to. Great for details and those little shots of baby toes and fingers. I will usually, at some point in a session, pop on my 50mm.

Nikon 85mm f/1.4: A favourite portrait lens. I also grab for this often during wedding ceremonies. It has a really beautiful bokeh.

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8: I don’t reach for this lens as often as I use to, but still a really great staple for me. This isn’t my favourite lens for dim light, but it’s really beautiful for outdoor sessions.


I do have a Nikon SB-5000 and I honestly only really use it if I have to at a wedding reception. I am a natural light photographer and I always try to use any source of natural light that I have. I will always choose the smallest amount of window light over a big fancy flash.


I use the Ona Brixton Leather Bag: Such a gorgeous bag and holds everything I need for an everyday session.

The HoldFast MoneyMaker: My go-to strap for weddings. So ideal being able to carry two cameras at once and not have to mess around with straps.

For everyday use, I have a thin little leather strap from Gordy Camera Straps. It’s such a simple little strap, but it’s seriously so perfect and comfortable and gives me great mobility with my camera.

Hardware & Software

Lexar Pro SD cards: I have a bunch of these 64GB cards; They are fast and reliable.

I use Lightroom to edit and have played around with a few Tribe Archipelago presets and, over the years, I have tweaked them and made them my own. My favourite B&W is an old VSCO preset that I have also tweaked and changed.

I dabble in a little Photoshop, mostly to remove outlets from walls… You know, because I’m OCD about cords and outlets!


I always throw a few RX bars in my bag, because like every other wedding photographer out there, I never pack a lunch and don’t eat enough during the day.

Sun screen, because that HoldFast MoneyMaker leaves quite the tan/burn lines!!

Iphone XR: Always need to have my phone handy and in my bag, so I can do a little IG story during my sessions and, of course, give my kids a call (especially during those long wedding days).

www.jaymelang.com | @jaymelang

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