Jeff Berlin

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I am a cinematographer, director, still photographer and a Sony Artisan of Imagery.

I began my career as a photographer chasing fashion models down the streets of New York City. It’s cool, they knew I was there. I also spent about six years shooting beauty and fashion for editorial and commercial clients in Milan and Paris.

I shoot aviation and rodeo as well, but not at the same time.

I have since moved into motion pictures and shoot narrative and commercial projects on my Sony VENICE cinema camera. I currently have a short film making the rounds on the festival circuit, shot a music video coming out September 2019 with a super-cool band, and I just finished shooting a narrative feature. It’s been a fun transition from stills to motion.

My Gear:

Sony VENICE 6K Full Frame Cinema Camera. Wide 15+ stops of dynamic range with dual base ISO and a new color science. I’ve been using this for the past year and I am in love with the images it makes. Shoots 16 bit raw and takes both PL and E mount lenses.

Sony Alpha a7R III 

Fabulous image quality and high resolution.

Sony Alpha a9

Super fast focus and drive speeds, up to 20 FPS RAW.

Sony a6500

Always in my bag. Great for both stills and video. (Best Sony a6500 lens options here.)

Sony RX100V

I love this pocket camera. Even shoots 4K. Packs a powerful punch in a very compact form.

Sony RX0

Currently my favorite “action” camera. Sports a much more Cinematic 24mm lens, is super robust and waterproof to 10 meters.

Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM lens 

The 85mm and 50mm lenses are my bread and butter prime lenses. This one is sharp and has nice color and contrast.

Sony Zeiss 50mm f/1.4

My other go-to lens when shooting primes. Clarity and color are really nice.

Not pictured are a few other primes and zooms that round out my kit.

Sony SD Cards

Reliable and tough. They’re fast and do the job. I trust them.

Sony 960 GB SSD Drive

For my Atomos monitor/recorders, not pictured. Indispensible when shooting video with my Alpha cameras.

Also not pictured are my Tiffen filters, threaded and 4×5.65 in various flavors. I use an X-Rite Color Checker for consistency in post and have been using Sony RAID systems to save and archive material. | @jtberlin



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