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Landscape, Street | Last Updated: February 11, 2021

I’m Jeff Davenport. I’m a visual artist and designer based in Los Angeles, CA. My work is often a combination of urban landscape and street photography. I’d probably put my photo work in the dream pop or shoegaze section of the record store.

Color grading is central to my work. I use colors like tones or sounds. Every location I shoot uses a palette that evokes the memory of the place to me.

Visually I tend to think in terms of painting and film. My inspiration pulls heavily from painters and cinematographers throughout the 20th century and now.

My camera setup has always been driven by needing lightweight gear, a minimal bag and not calling attention to myself. I always work on foot, walking long distances through neighborhoods in the city. I’m often alone and don’t like to call too much attention to myself.

I use a tripod when I’m printing my work, however I’ve usually shot the location multiple times and know where and when to be there. I don’t like to linger in a spot too long. However, working in Los Angeles is easier than most places. People here are used to cameras and often ignore me or seem unconcerned when I’m working.

I have a studio space now, so I have more lights than I used to, but I still keep things as minimal as possible. I really prefer to work with people on location, so often I need everything to fit in one backpack.

I’m a dedicated Fujifilm shooter. Their sensors give me colors that no one else can. I shoot RAW and build all my own profiles in Lightroom.  Also, I prefer knobs over menus. I like to work fast with my hands.


Fujifilm X100F

The Fujifilm X100 series of cameras changed my life and have been the backbone of my work. It’s a camera I almost always have with me and is responsible for all my best work. It’s amazing in low light and is completely silent when I’m shooting at night. It’s a camera that has challenged me to become a better photographer. I love the lack of lens options. You have to use your body to frame the shot.

Fujifilm XH-1

I use this camera primarily for portraiture and editorial work. Its image stabilization alone was a game-changer for me. I can get amazingly sharp images in light I should have no business shooting in. The images I get out of this camera are fantastic and it’s a really wonderful camera for video. Being able to shoot in Log format was a must. I’m just starting down a path of shooting and grading more video.


Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4

This lens is unbeatable and is tack sharp. The detail I get is wild and I can really open it up in low light at night. It’s a 50mm equivalent focal length, which historically isn’t my favorite but I’m embracing it more and more. That’s going to sound crazy to a lot of people but it isn’t how my brain sees. That being said, I find myself cropping pretty close to it when shooting wider so it’s fun to get a little closer to things in the city.

Fujifilm XF 16-55mm f/2.8

This lens almost never leaves my X-H1. I hadn’t used a zoom lens for years and I felt like I was cheating! It’s essential when I’m shooting people and on location. I get the quality of having multiple primes with me while being able to work fast to catch moments. It’s a little heavy so it’s not something I use for my street photography.


Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL

Best speedlight I’ve owned hands down. Flashpoint/Godox stuff integrates with Fuji without a hitch and you can’t beat the price point. Its rechargeable battery lasts forever and having TTL is awesome when I either don’t have the time for light metering or I’m working in the dark using a flashlight to focus.

Godox AD200

This light is the maybe ultimate light ever made for location and studio work. I can swap heads from fresnel to bare bulb, put barndoors on, use magnet gels and use it with a ton of diffusers. It’s kinda the one flash to rule them all, total workhorse. I just drop it into my backpack and go. I use it as a secondary light in my studio all the time too.

Flashpoint Rapid 600 HSS

This is my first studio strobe and it kills it. It’s so fast and bright. I often just use the modeling light as a continuous light source. This synced with my Godox trigger with no setup and worked right out of the box. Can’t ask for more than that.


B+W UV Haze MRC Filter

Always on for daylight shooting on all my cameras. Cuts through that California haze like a champ and keeps my lens protected.

B+W XS Pro MRC-Nano Polarizer Filter

Not only do I use this in daylight, but always with flash. Everything pops and my colors get an extra boost of saturation.

Pixel Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote Control TW283-90

I love this remote shutter release. It works every time, fits in my hoodie pocket and I just stroll around and snap away for my long exposures. Gotta minimize that camera shake as much as possible!


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  1. Denis on June 28, 2021 at 6:08 am

    Dig the cyberpunk tones in the city landscape shots.

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