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Lifestyle, Marine & Underwater | Last Updated: July 14, 2021

I’m Jo Savage- an Adventure Lifestyle photographer. I aim to uncover the untold stories (often with environmental undertones) within the mountain, surf and skate communities while accompanying athletes and other creatives on adventures.

On the business side, I use this imagery and story-based content that authentically support brand identity.

I ascribe to well-made, durable and lightweight gear (that’s where the Sony Mirrorless System comes in handy). The Sony a7rii and a7riii can handle my rough lifestyle & the environmental extremes. I can ascend mountains or swim through the ocean with my camera in hand (in a housing of course).

Because it’s the season of warm summer days and water driven adventures, I’ve chosen to feature my ocean ready gear and surf lifestyle photography.

Not shown in the flat lay gear photo is the Sony a7riii and Sony GMaster 24-70mm f/2.8, this setup took the photo and it is my go-to for almost everything out of the water.

I believe this GMaster 24-70mm is the ultimate lens. The focal range is just what I need to provide a broad variety of lifestyle and action imagery in one lens. Often on my adventures, less is more. It’s ideal to ditch the weight and hassle of changing into other lenses.

In the gear photo is an important bag, it’s a Patagonia Stormfront 30L pack. The main compartment is 100% waterproof. I love this for adventures like rafting down raging rivers, traversing slot canyons full of water, speed boats out to sea, and hiking to secret surf spots. It’s my water kit bag.

Inside, I keep my Sony A7rii with a Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 prime in the Lowepro case. I choose this setup for shooting in the ocean because it’s the lightest and I think the images are incredibly beautiful at this focal length.

The Lowepro camera case protects my camera on all my adventures. I like that it protects my camera when I move it from bag to bag, and that I can wear it alone as a satchel.

When I venture into the ocean to shoot, I securely seal my camera in the Aquatech Elite Sport Housing. It attaches to my wrist with the leash while I’m shooting in the water. I typically shoot with the dome port because I can not only shoot above the water, but half and half shots and below the surface with minimal distortion.

Inside my bag you’ll see included the Sony GMaster 16-35mm f/2.8. It’s a high quality lens that I particularly enjoy for capturing action.

The small orange camera is a Nikonos V. Produced in 1984, it’s a fully waterproof 35mm film camera with a 35mm f/2.5 attached. It’s fun to shoot analog. It’s definitely a challenge and I’m still figuring out how to skillfully operate this camera.

Gear wise – my wetsuit doesn’t fit in the bag- but my Patagonia booties and DaFin fins do. I wear the booties on cold days and fins so long as the ocean’s bottom is below my tippy toes. The fins allow me to get into position within the waves and they help me stabilize while operating the Aquatech Housing and Sony.

I choose Patagonia gear because its manufactured sustainably and eco-consciously. Patagonia wetsuits incorporate a non-neoprene technology (neoprene is a petroleum based product that isn’t biodegradable, and they will always repair you’re gear- for life.

I include SunBum sunscreen (always) which is reef safe and water resistant. I must protect my skin while out in the sun shooting. As well as the lightweight and compactable, I use the Rumpl shammie to clean or dry any sand or water when necessary.

Thanks for reading! Hope you picked up a tip. Follow my work on Instagram (link below) and don’t hesitate to reach out with any photography related questions! | @Jo_SavagePhotography

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