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Commercial | Last Updated: November 12, 2020

This little box of tricks contains what I consider to be the best camera system available for architectural photography today. Having outgrown 35mm (though I still shoot Canon for speed on many assignments) I have built this system around the Cambo WRS 5005 camera.

This gives me all the movement I need with beautifully weighted actions. Stuck to it is my new Phase One IQ260. This is a recent upgrade from my Leaf back, allowing for longer exposures of up to one hour.

My lenses are primarily wide – Rodenstock HR 32mm, 40mm and 70mm all the latest models in tilt/swing mounts. The 120mm is the Schneider for architectural details, along with its extender required for a pancake camera.

Of the other stuff, I have found the Cambo loupe with its Schneider lens invaluable for my Leaf back as I don’t like to have a tethered laptop with me out on location. Now that my Phase One back tethers wirelessly to the new iPad in its tough case though, I may change my workflow.

The Leica Laser measures speed focussing up which is so critical on medium format that I prefer not to leave it to guesswork.

A Sekonic light meter is a throwback to the days of film, but saves wasting chunks of flash storage guessing the exposure.

The compendium hood accepts 100mm filters, crucial for the LCC (white opaque) filter. Capture One is the only software to work with for an LCC workflow.

The Profoto Air controls my lighting – I’m hoping to upgrade my current D1 heads to some of Profotos’s new battery powered B1’s this year.

The little device in front of the compendium hood is a Cambo magnetic LED light for reading lens info in the dark.

The Lastolite Grey Card can help with colour balancing and I also use a Minolta Colour Temperature Meter, but my expert retoucher Sarah still tends to prefer to use her own judgment!

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