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I’m Kirsty Joy, I currently live in Ruakaka in the beautiful winterless North of New Zealand with my two sons, husband and three fur babies.

I fell in love with photography on my Mum’s Olympus OM-10 back in the ’90s and was told off many times for running through a roll of film faster than I could say cheese!

If anyone asks me what made me fall in love with photography, I honestly cannot give them just one answer. It allows me to see the world in a different way, finding the beauty in moments that would usually pass unnoticed.

I feel photography came to me to give my life direction and let my soul see the beauty that surrounds me every day. I think my style of photography reflects my thoughts and showcases emotion with a deep and moody feel.

I was introduced to Nikon in 2013 and acquired my first DSLR, a Nikon D3200 in 2014. After a year or two finding my feet I made the move to become a professional and undertook a photography course, upgraded my gear and started my own business as a professional photographer.


Nikon D750 x2 – I love the dynamic range in these old boys, I love the tones and crisp image they produce. The Nikon D750 is also great in low light which is beneficial for lifestyle images on a dull day or wedding receptions.


Nikon 28mm f/1.8 – Super lightweight and gives me a nice wide-angle with minimal warping and vignette.

Nikon 85mm f/1.8 – My go-to portrait lens. This beauty has been by my side since I purchased my first full frame body. Its dreamy bokeh and quality low light abilities make it one of my favs.

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 – This is my most recent purchase and I have fallen in love. Similar to the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, its dreamy bokeh, low light abilities and wide open 1.4 aperture make it a go-to prime in my kit.

Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 – This is a brilliant lens to have on my side at a wedding or large family session to bring my shot right in close and capture those candid moments that pass unnoticed.

Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro – This is what I call my ‘details’ lens. A cheapie but a goodie! I use this lightweight Macro for babies eyelashes, shoulder fuzz, wedding ring shots and more.


Nikon SB-900 – I love its wide 17-200mm auto zoom range and large LCD screen. It is easy to operate and has a super-fast recycle time.

Nikon SB-800 – This was my first flash unit but after purchasing the Nikon SB-900 it has become more of a backup flash than my go-to. It’s recycle time and zoom range are not as impressive as the Nikon SB-900 but it still does the job when needed.


I have an amazing leather camera holster from Warhead Leathercraft. It has saved my back and neck immensely and kept my cameras at arm’s length ready to shoot. A must-have for wedding photography and large family sessions.

I have a large Nikon camera bag that manages to store my full kit and a laptop and can still be worn comfortably thanks to the extra wide padding and support straps.

Hardware & Software

I have a large collection of Lexar SD Cards on hand always.

I have always been an Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom girl. I just love the versatility it offers. I feel like a magician with Adobe Photoshop at my hand.

I have my camera and camera bag’s rain jacket on hand in case the heavens open up. I also carry a sheet of glitter cardboard in an envelope in my bag for ring shots to add extra sparkle if we are short on time!

I carry my ‘Mary Poppins” makeup sized bag with me to all shoots. It’s packed with lollies, Band-Aids, pins, Panadol, throat lozenges, anti-nausea lollies, stress relief spray, Bobbie pins, hair ties, a mini sewing kit, eyelash glue. You name it, it’s in there! It has saved my backside quite a few times at weddings and with the occasional family shoot.

I once spent 30mins in a cupboard sized room with the bride sewing up her wedding dress that had ripped right down the zip line BEFORE her first dance. |

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