Langly Alpha Globetrotter Camera Backpack Review

Rugged, intuitive and stylish, is the Langly Alpha Globetrotter the camera backpack that has everything and does it all? Read our review to find out.

There’s no shortage of options for photographers out there looking for a great camera backpack.

For people like me who already have a backpack they know and love, upgrading or changing to another one isn’t a very appealing prospect.

There needs to be a significant amount of improvements to make it worthwhile.

Langly Alpha Globetrotter

World-wanderers, it's time to meet your soul mate. Say hello to the rugged, spacious backpack that does it all.

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So while I may have been resistant at first, I have to say that the Langly Alpha Globetrotter gave me quite a surprise!

Let’s dive right in to the review.

Langly Alpha Globetrotter Specs

  • Build quality
  • Appearance
  • Ease of use
  • Storage space
  • Weatherproofing
  • Front-loading design takes time to adapt to
  • Slightly pricey


  • External Dimensions: 46.7cm x 36.6cm x 20.3cm (18’’x 14’’ x 8’’) (LxWxH)
  • Top Compartment: 22.4cm x 32cm x 16.5cm (8.8’’ x 12.6’’ x 6.5’’) (LxWxH)
  • Bottom Compartment: 24.1cm x 32cm x 16.5cm (9.5’’ x 12.6’’ x 6.5’’) (LxWxH)


  • Waterproof fabric and zippers
  • Customizable camera compartment that can fit a DSLR camera body and up to 5 lenses
  • Protected pocket sleeve to fit up to a 15″ inch laptop
  • Ventilated straps and back section

Build & Appearance

Langly Alpha Globetrotter camera backpack review man wearing backpack

First of all, let’s look at the quality of the Langly Alpha Globetrotter.

As photographers, we carefully spend our hard-earned income on camera bodies, lenses, tripods and all the other essentials in order to bring our creative vision to life.

The mistake I’ve made in the past is not prioritizing where I put this expensive gear.

Three years ago, the zipper on my old bag came loose and I dropped my DSLR onto a concrete parking lot. It was an expensive lesson.

Having used the Globetrotter now for over two months, including an international flight and three regional photo trips, I have a solid impression of how it will keep over time.

This bag has been thrown around in cars, glove compartments and the Australian bush. It is a solid beast.

The Langly Alpha Globetrotter feels incredibly sturdy, solid and well-built.

The straps are strong and properly attached. The zippers feel as close to military-grade as I’ve ever experienced.

Using the metal snap buckles is strangely satisfying to me – it brings a wonderful sense of confidence.

The entire bag is draped in a polyurethane coating, which partners with the heavy-duty zippers to confidently protect your gear from the elements.

On top of that, I think it looks amazing! As a 27-year-old photographer-on-the-go, I appreciate the retro style and the fact that that it doesn’t necessarily look like a camera bag.

I’ve received more compliments on this bag than any other in my career.

Exterior Features

camera backpack pocket

This is another area where the Alpha Globetrotter truly shines.

There are enough pockets and straps to attach anything you can imagine. I have yet to be in a situation where I’ve found myself thinking “Ah, there’s no room for _____.”

That being said, the design here is slightly unusual. Up until recently, I’ve been used to the back-loading design where my camera can only be accessed through a zipper opening on the section that touches my back.

The Langly Alpha Globetrotter has a front-loading design, with a sizable open top compartment and a customizable bottom compartment for camera gear.

Although it took a few days to get used to, it now feels really intuitive!

Combined with the high-quality zippers, it makes for quite a wonderful user experience.

Front and side pockets are easy to reach, with plenty of space for essentials like memory cards, spare cables or card readers. They look great too.

Interior Features

The Alpha Globetrotter keeps it minimalist in the interior department. Enough pockets to get you by, but not elaborate zippers within zippers within hidden compartments.

It’s all very easy to access and highly usable space.

The top pocket holds the laptop sleeve as well as a zipped pocket (I use it for travel documents). The side and front pockets are bare on the inside and surprisingly large!

The bottom pocket is fully customizable, with velcro walls that can be tailored to your camera system.

It took a few tries to get it right, but now that I have mine locked in, it works like a dream. And it’s SOLID. I have no doubt that my gear is safe, even in airport transit or on walks in the wild.

I love the focus on simplicity and functionality in this bag. So far, the features have been more than enough for my needs.

Storage Capacity

example capacity of the langly alpha globetrotter

I can fit:

  • Fuji XT-2 body
  • 3 x lenses
  • 3 x Yongnuo speedlights
  • 2 x Yongnuo speedlight triggers
  • 2 x books & journal
  • Travel documents
  • Manfrotto Elements tripod
  • Peak Design Field Pouch
  • BlackRapid Curve strap
  • 60cm 5-in-1 reflector
  • MacBook Pro 15″
  • Cables and memory cards
  • Miscellaneous essentials (snacks, sunscreen, water bottle, BandAids, etc.)

Even with all this in the bag, there is still extra room in both side pockets and some in the top pocket.

Ease of Use/Comfort

langly alpha globetrotter backpack review

My one concern when I see good looking bags like this is… COMFORT.

I’ve always been the kind of photographer who doesn’t really care what I look like – sore shoulders or being drained in sweat simply isn’t worth it!

The  Langly Alpha Globetrotter is proof that this is no longer an either-or situation. Despite its awesome exterior, this bag feels GREAT to wear.

The straps have just enough padding and the air channels along the back are a lifesaver (especially here in Australia!).

Also, this bag is extremely light when empty (I can effortlessly lift it with one finger).

Very impressed that so much durability can come in such a lightweight package.

Value for Money

At around US$250, the Globetrotter slots in at the medium price range for the serious amateur and early professional market.

It’s not cheap, and certainly doesn’t feel cheap. This thing will last.

As a Lowepro user previously, I can honestly say that my trusty Flipside 400AW has been collecting dust for the past 2 months.

Since their Kickstarter launch in 2012, Langly has stayed very close to their customer, with clear updates and improvements based on feedback.

This is reflected in the price – this is a company that understands photographers and is eager to listen.

Langly Alpha Globetrotter Review | Conclusion

To summarise, it’s hard to go wrong with the Langly Alpha Globetrotter.

For the committed amateur or emerging professional, this is a SERIOUS camera bag. It has a wonderful retro design and luxe build quality that make it a winner in my book.

This is my new camera bag.

Any dislikes are honestly nitpicking – I’m extremely happy with it.

If you’re a serious amateur or emerging professional currently shooting a DSLR or mirrorless system, I’d say the Langly Alpha Globetrotter is a great choice!

Langly Alpha Globetrotter

World-wanderers, it's time to meet your soul mate. Say hello to the rugged, spacious backpack that does it all.

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Erik photographs the icons of our time. Based in Gold Coast, Australia, he operates a headshot & portrait studio, while travelling on assignment for Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Change-Makers.

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