Langly Camera Straps Review

Honest, real-world review of three Langly camera straps. Find out if these beautifully-made and affordable straps are right for you.

Camera straps come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it can be difficult choosing the best camera strap for your gear.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, you consider accessories such as camera straps as a way to personalise your camera.

If you go to a camera club meetup and everyone has the same latest camera, it will be your camera strap that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Or maybe it’s just me who thinks that – for which I must admit that I need help. I have a thing for camera straps and the never-ending pursuit to find the best one for my gear.

Today we have a treat for you as I will be reviewing not one but three camera straps from the same company.

Langly has been around for a number of years now making great camera bags, straps and accessories. They always use premium materials and what’s more, they have great control over their manufacturing and the quality of output.

In this review, we’re going to be covering the Langly Tactical Camera Strap, the Langly Paracord Camera Strap and also the Langly Wrist Strap. Each strap has a very different style and, interestingly, a different means of attachment to your camera.

Further to this, Langly straps are hardy and it would take a lot of time and punishment for them to be ineffective in any condition.

Langly Tactical Camera Strap Specs

  • Length: 107cm (42″)
  • Camera strap adjustable to 122cm (48″)
  • 1-inch nylon webbing
  • Flat cord connector to easily connect with camera eyelets, hooks, or strap rings
  • High-quality plastic buckles
  • 2 colour variants

Langly Paracord Camera Strap Specs

  • Length: 107cm (42″)
  • 550-lb test paracord
  • Eyelet support to fit any SLR, DSLR, rangefinder, or binoculars
  • 6 colour variants

Langly Wrist Strap Specs

  • Length: 20cm (8″)
  • Made from 7mm thick climbing rope
  • Adjustable strap
  • 3 colour variants
  • Quality materials and manufacturing
  • Unique designs
  • Fit for purpose
  • Over-engineering on the additional buckles
  • Use of thin cord for camera attachment

Build & Appearance

The Langly Tactical Camera Strap is well suited to a heavier camera body.

First up: the Langly Tactical Camera Strap. This is clearly a very well designed and manufactured product.

The main part of the strap is made from a wide (40mm) band of thick nylon that connects to two D-rings and has an adjustable slide to change the overall length. Having this level of control is greatly appreciated to ensure maximum comfort and individual preference.

The D-rings then support thicker but narrower (20mm) nylon webbing which then connects to a heavy-duty plastic buckle. This buckle lets you unclick your camera from the bulk of the strap which is ideal when mounting to a tripod. This is repeated on both ends of the strap.

The second half of the buckle connects to a leather band that tapers down in size to end with a thinner (10mm) nylon strap that can be looped onto the lugs or rings of the camera.

Again this is repeated on both ends of the strap and the overall look is a strap that is strong. The stitching on the strap has clearly been a focus during manufacturing as it is evident but not over the top.

Overall, the Langly Tactical Camera Strap looks solid and would be best matched with a heavier camera such as a DSLR.

The Langly Paracord camera strap has a sturdy construction of premium materials.

Moving on to the Langly Paracord Camera Strap, which has a similar approach in design.

The main part of the strap is the same as the Tactical with its wide nylon band connected to two D-rings. The difference is that on this strap the underside has a layer of suede for extra comfort.

From here, the design changes, as connected to the D-rings on each end are lengths of braided paracord. The braid is exquisite and tightly woven ensuring no fraying or pulling apart. The paracord elements act as shock absorbers as they have a certain amount of stretch in them.

The paracord braids end with smaller plastic buckles attached to much thinner (10mm) nylon straps that can detach. These also have a level of adjustment and are then connected to yet another pair of buckles allowing yet another length of the strap to be detached.

I found that this was a little overkill and could see no good reason for having such a setup with four detachable buckles.

This just made me feel like there were too many places that the camera strap could come apart resulting in damaged equipment.

The second half of the buckle is attached to two nylon string loops that can be attached to pretty much any camera lug around.

I have to be honest that I am not a big fan of this kind of attachment as it feels too thin and flimsy. However, given the durability of the strap and the use of quality materials throughout, I’m sure it’s incredibly strong and fit for purpose.

The Langly Paracord Camera Strap looks fantastic especially with the inclusion of the braided paracord sections. They add a really unique appeal to the strap and thankfully they’re available in a range of colours so that you can truly have a strap that suits your own aesthetic.

The Langly Wrist Strap has a fantastic and durable weave.

Finally, we come to the Langly Wrist Strap and I have to say that, as a street photographer, this is my favourite. The strap is made from woven 7mm paracord that, at both ends, doubles back and is woven into itself.

One of these two loops is obviously used to create the greater loop that you pass your wrist through. The other is attached to an O-ring that has a short leather tab attached.

Sewn into the leather tab, which has a Langly logo embossed into it, there is a much thicker nylon cord loop that can be attached to a camera lug or loop.

I love this little strap for its simple function to support a smaller camera such as a Fujifilm X100F. Further to this, the Langly Wrist Strap is a stylish and well-designed piece of kit that comes in a number of colours.

Ease of Use

Each of these three Langly camera straps has a very simple approach to achieving their purpose.

The bigger straps such as the Langly Tactical Camera Strap and the Langly Paracord Camera Strap are clearly designed for carrying heavier cameras and lenses. The sturdiness of their design and the quality of their components will ensure that your gear is in safe hands.

The care taken during the manufacturing process of the Langly Tactical Camera Strap is obvious.

While the Tactical provides a nylon strap to attach to your gear, you are going to need to ensure you have some small 10mm rings to attach to the lugs of your camera. However, the Paracord has a narrow cord that could probably thread into a lug itself.

Both of these straps are comfortable to wear and, thanks to the adjustable main part of the strap, you can alter where and how you carry your gear.

The weave of the Langly Paracord Camera Strap is exceptional and provides great strength.

With the Langly Wrist Strap, the thicker nylon cord makes it very easy to attach to a camera, but again I would recommend ensuring you have a small ring attached to the lug on the side of the camera.

It is easy and simple to manage the size of the loop that you slip your hand through and just as easy to tighten the strap against your wrist.

While I don’t necessarily like how the Paracord strap attaches to the camera, it’s great to see that Langly is offering alternative solutions to meet an individual’s style and needs.

The Langly Wrist Strap is perfect for smaller point and shoot cameras.

Value for Money

The Langly Tactical Camera Strap retails for around US$45 and the Langly Paracord Camera Strap retails for around $35.

When you consider the quality and amount of materials that have gone into completing both of these camera straps, those are incredibly reasonable prices. Typically, camera straps of this size, quality and purpose cost far more.

With the little Langly Wrist Strap, the cost is around $20 and, once again, that’s fantastic value for money considering you get a quality and unique looking strap.

I recently reviewed a Langly Cross Body Camera Bag and found the same outcome. Excellent quality and manufacturing at a great price.

Langly Camera Straps Review | Conclusion

As I said before, I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to camera straps – and when three of them showed up at my door, it was like Christmas.

Fortunately, these straps have not disappointed me and I have been quietly impressed with their quality.

I also appreciate that Langly has a broad range of styles that are not in this review. They each serve a different purpose or at the very least provide variance in style and design.

Langly has also chosen to apply different means of attaching their straps to your camera – some great, whilst others could do with a redesign.

At the end of the day, these are great camera straps and offer a fantastic way to not only secure your gear from damage but to also give your camera a little bit of unique bling.

I am a Melbourne based street photographer and blogger. I love to travel and make a regular trip to Japan to photograph and document its dynamic culture.

Build Quality9
Ease of Use8

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