Love Is A Big Deal

We are destination wedding photographers. We travel the world, meet incredible couples and photograph them on one of the most important days of their lives. Our job is pretty much the best. We aren’t in to gear or getting the latest and greatest photo editing software. We always say we are emotional shooters, not technical. We’re on the hunt for realness and in the job of making authentic photos. We love each other and feel so blessed to be able to capture love every day.

We are probably considered old-school because we still shoot with the Canon 5D, the original…the classic. We’ve tried the Mark2 and Mark3, but have always gone back to our baby. There’s something magic about the 5D. It feels like film. It seems that the more upgrades, the more digital the images start to look and the more post processing it takes to get it to look like what a 5D can do straight out of camera. So, we love it and we’ll probably be on ebay buying up every last one in fear that some day they’ll all be swiped up.

In each of our camera bags are:

Body and backup: Cannon 5Ds
Lenses: Canon 24mm f/1.4L, Canon 35mm f/1.4L, Canon 45mm f/2.8 TS-E, Canon 50mm f/1.2L, Canon 135mm f/2L, Canon 300mm f/4 IS.
Flash: Canon 580 EX II , PocketWizard Plus II, Nasty Clamp

Inside Meg and Josh’s camera bag:

    • I see you guys use filters on each of your lenses… Mind sharing what kind? Can you recommend a certain brand?

  • I mainly shoot with a 5Dmk2 but I’m with you on the 5D classic. The image feels so organic. I used to have one but had to let it go because it would only hit focus half the time. I’ve just recently picked up another on eBay for my wedding shoots because I missed the look it gave me and couldn’t find anything compelling in the Mark3 that a $500 5D classic wouldn’t give me. Also, I find the less “features” that get it in the way, the better.