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Hey you guys, my name is Lucas and I am a photographer in Brazil. Currently Iā€™m shooting weddings, but I’m here to tell you one of my other passions in photography, bands, artists and shows.

My story on the photography area is recent and a bit short; I started working more intensely in photography after dropping out of law school, which it has been four years since. I was not happy with the college and with the work that I had at the time so I decided to devote more time to photography because I had already photographed many local bands and continued this process more intensively. So I drop out college and spent my whole time focused in photography especially in wedding photography and this helped me set up my current kit:

Canon 5dmk III – I love this camera, great performance and great features.

Canon 135mm f / 2 – This on I use when Iā€™m not near the stage and I want to photograph a concert so I use this lens, quick focus helps a lot when the artist is moving.

Canon 35mm f / 1.4 – I really love this lens. In 80% of my photos it is present it really excels me.

1- Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket with 4 16gb cards, 2 cards and 2 32gb 16gb Sd card which I use as back up in my 5dmkIII shooting in RAW + JPG for security.

In addition I have 4 batteries for my camera and a flash Canon 600 EX-RT with two sets of spare batteries, all in my Lowepro FastPack 250. To carry a little equipment has made me more agile, fast and made me learn how to use what I have in the best possible way.

You guys should really try this, a lot of equipment makes it hard to capture the moment, believe me I’ve been there. I used to spent several minutes deciding which lenses I would use, which one would be better to photograph and because of that I used to lose my time, but now I spend most of my time thinking about what I can do best with what I have and how to do it differently. Definitely less is more.

Questions, suggestions or just want to make small talk and have a cup of coffee please contact us through the site.

Inside Luca’s Camera bag:

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  1. Jen L on August 26, 2015 at 9:54 am

    I completely agree with the less gear is better with concerts. Beautiful photographs.

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