Lucas Costa

Hey you guys, my name is Lucas and I am a photographer in Brazil. Currently I’m shooting weddings, but I’m here to tell you one of my other passions in photography, bands, artists and shows.

My story on the photography area is recent and a bit short; I started working more intensely in photography after dropping out of law school, which has been four years since. I was not happy with the college and with the work that I had at the time so I decided to devote more time to photography because I had already photographed many local bands and continued this process more intensively. So I drop out college and spent my whole time focused on photography especially in wedding photography and this helped me set up my current kit:

Canon 5dmk III – I love this camera, great performance and great features.

Canon 135mm f / 2 – This one I use when I’m not near the stage and I want to photograph a concert so I use this lens, quick focus helps a lot when the artist is moving.

Canon 35mm f / 1.4 – I really love this lens. In 80% of my photos it is present it really excels me.

1- Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket with 4 16gb cards, 2 cards and 2 32gb 16gb Sd card which I use as back up in my 5dmkIII shooting in RAW + JPG for security.

In addition I have 4 batteries for my camera and a flash Canon 600 EX-RT with two sets of spare batteries, all in my Lowepro FastPack 250. To carry a little equipment has made me more agile, fast and made me learn how to use what I have in the best possible way.

You guys should really try this, a lot of equipment makes it hard to capture the moment, believe me, I’ve been there. I used to spend several minutes deciding which lenses I would use, which one would be better to photograph and because of that I used to lose my time, but now I spend most of my time thinking about what I can do best with what I have and how to do it differently. Definitely, less is more.

Questions, suggestions or just want to make small talk and have a cup of coffee please contact us through the site.

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