Maurizio Solis Broca

I’m Maurizio Solis Broca, a Mexican photographer with quite a large name but I like it! Photography is an expression of my very inner feelings. The things that move my soul have been defining me through the years. First I followed the rules and technical stuff without caring too much about the essence of photography and feelings and moments were not my priority. I felt I needed every tool, lens and artifact on earth to do the job better.

As I grew as a photographer and I started to feel comfortable and confident about my skills, no matter by whom or where I got inspired, my instinct started to dictate my frames. I do photography by heart and soul, and my weirdness is also in my frames!

I’ve been through many stages in my life, all very different one from the other but each of them radical and extravagant, and that’s why I chose Sony as my tool for creating images, just because I felt different that way but know I find it very good and convenient as a tool. They kind of look forward, break the rules constantly and I like that! I started as a nomad photographer hauling no less than 50 pounds of gear to every wedding, even studio lights and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Now the rule is if it doesn’t fit in my small Pelican 1514 or my Think Tank Turnstyle (review here) 20 it won’t go with me so my wedding gear resumes with this:

A couple of cameras – my workhorses are 2 Sony A99 that I found great for my kind of photography, live view focus peaking and chimping are as beautiful as can be because I never have to take my camera away from the eye, everything shows in the marvellous electronic viewfinder. It’s gripped just to get 3 batteries in there because it sucks juice like a champ!

A Fuji X100S. This thing makes me feel good and cool even if I’m not!

My glass in focal length order:

A Sigma 35mm f/1.4. Sharpest 35 priced right, such a joy!

A Carl Zeiss Sony 24-70mm f/2.8. Convenient, heavy, very heavy… super heavy and sharp!

A Carl Zeiss 85mm Planar f/1.4. A solid metallic and cold piece of German old school optics!

A Sony 135mm STF f/2.8 (t/4.5). Some say it is the most extravagant SLR lens nowadays with 2 aperture diaphragms, one for letting the light in and the other for controlling the defocused foreground and background. It’s not like Nikon’s soft focus thing, this is a manual focus jewel, the real deal!!

A flash with Sony’s twist, good power and continuos LED lights – cool but tends to get really hot and shut down quite fast! Sometimes I can haul three Sony F58 ‘s to place in the reception and make some cool backlights and rim lights but it requires stands, radios and a bunch of other stuff so, its not very likely.

A prism, my notes and a Lamy pen.

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  1. ferch! on August 22, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Buscando una mochilita .. la Kata me trajo a esta pagina! Saludos!

  2. Maurizio Solis on May 21, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    Hi guys!, thanks for visiting.

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