Meg Loeks

family photographers

I live in a remote part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with my husband and three little boys, six and under. We also have a Saint Bernard named Juni and cat named Twiggy. I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations but a few years ago I decided to leave my corporate job to start my own business in photography.

For roughly two years I took on clients, mainly focusing on newborn, children and family photography (see guide). About two years ago I also became a mentor and instructor through Click Photo School, an online photography school. Once my oldest son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia however, I decided to no longer take on clients. At this time my focus is solely on teaching and working as an ambassador with Sigma and Profoto.

My love of photography originally started with film. I loved the process, especially developing my own prints. The high school I attended had a dark room, and I spent countless hours anxiously developing my prints. I was also shooting digital at this time for my high school yearbook. I took a break from photography in college, but picked it back up again once I started having children.

It was around the time that my first born was two I decided I wanted to improve my photography skills. I started taking courses through Click Photo School online. I typically shoot lifestyle, fine art and environmental portraits. I love to weave the different genres together. I’m drawn to low light and color. My greatest inspirations are my children and nature.

My main camera body is a Canon 5D Mark IV. My main lenses are the Canon 35mm f/1.4L version II and Sigma Art 85mm f/1.4. I typically use the 35mm indoors because it works great in tight spaces and low light (both situations I often run into in my home). I love to use the 85mm outside because it’s fast-important when working with toddlers – and incredibly sharp. I love the compression.

Additional lenses I love to shoot with are the Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4 (specifically for above shots and landscapes), and the Sigma Art 135mm f/1.8 for environmental portraits. I occasionally use my Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f/1.6 and Sigma Macro 105mm f/2.8, especially when I feel like I’m in a creative rut.

I’m a natural light photographer but I have been dabbling in artificial light lately. My favorite studio light currently is the Profoto A1. The reason I love it is because it’s small, so I can easily carry it. I’m able to recreate the soft natural light that I’m drawn to by using the various attachments like the dome diffuser and bounce card.

Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 6D
Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4
Canon 35mm f/1.4L Version II
Sigma Art 85mm f/1.4
Sigma Art 135mm f/1.8
Sigma Macro 105mm f/2.8
Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f/1.6
2 Profoto A1 Studio Lights
National Geographic Rucksack Camera Bag
Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Strap

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