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My name’s Mitch and I’m a photographer from Brisbane, Australia. I shoot mostly automotive, although in the recent months I’ve found myself doing a lot of architectural gigs.

Because my work takes me up and down the east coast of Australia, I like to pack light! The equipment that I own is very basic. 2 camera bodies, 2 lenses, 3 speedlight flashes and a tripod. Of course there’s lots of little supporting bits and pieces in my bag, but these are the main items.

I only purchase gear which I use on every shoot. If I don’t use it every week, I won’t buy it. When I have an upcoming job which requires a piece of equipment I don’t have, I just rent it. It’s a much more cost effective and an easy way for me to have everything I need, when I need it.

Here is a list of what’s in my camera bag (and in the boot of my car!)

– Nikon D800 w/ Nikon MB-D12 grip
– Nikon D90 w/ Nikon MB-D80 grip
– Nikon 16-35mm f/4
– Sigma 50mm f/1.4

– Nikon SB-700
– Nikon SB-600 (x2)
– Cactus V5 radio trigger (x3)
– Sanyo Eneloop batteries (x1 million)

– Hoya HD Polariser 77mm
– SanDisk Extreme Pro 32gb CF Card (x3)
– Nikon MC-30 cable release

– Lowepro Vertex 200 AW camera bag
– Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod
– Manfrotto 804RC2 head
– Manfrotto MBAG90PN tripod bag

I sometimes tether my camera to my iPad or Macbook Pro. Depending on the job and location.

– Apple Macbook Pro 15″
– Apple iPad 2
– Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD card

– Light stands (x3)
– Various reflectors/umbrellas
– A case full of clamps, duct tape and other bits and pieces

One thing I’d like to say is that when you buy a tripod and a camera bag, it’s to do it once and do it right! I’m still using the same tripod and camera bag that I bought 6 years ago when I first started doing photography.

Inside Mitch’s camera bag:

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